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This article is about the character. For the store, see Kicks (store).
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It'll just take a kick or two.
― Kicks, City Folk

Kicks (シャンク, Shanku?, Shank) is a character introduced in City Folk. He is a male skunk, who, in City Folk, shines shoes for a living in the city on fair weather days. He can be found outside the run-down building between Lloid's auction house and Shampoodle. This building used to be owned by Brewster, as he reveals when he says he used to own a place in the city that did bad business and is boarded up now.

In New Leaf, he runs a shoe shop named Kicks, which sells both shoes and socks. In New Horizons, Kicks begins visiting the Deserted Island after the Able Sisters shop has been built, and sells a selection of rare shoes, socks, and bags.


Kicks is a skunk. His fur is black with white and light blue lines running down from his nose to his tail. His eyes are dark purple and he has a light pink nose. For apparel, he wears a brown hat, along with brown suspenders, and brown boot-like shoes.

In New Leaf, he wears a buttoned-up, white dress shirt as his outfit.


In City Folk

Kicks shining a player's shoes.

If the player buys his services for 500 Bells, Kicks' shoe-shine will change the color of the player's shoes to match their hair or outfit (not including pattern-made shirts which produce the defaults). If the shoes do not change colors, Kicks will not charge for his services.

There are only a select number of shoe patterns which can match each hair and outfit combo. Kicks will only come on fair weather days, and even if the player time travels, Kicks will still appear. The player's shoes' appearance can only be changed once a day and affects Gracie's appraisal. He will sometimes ask if the player would like a masculine or feminine shine.

In New Leaf

Kicks owns his own store, which is also called Kicks. It can be constructed in the player's town by spending 8,000 Bells in the Able Sisters' store. Once bought, it will take three days to build and will be built next door to the Able Sisters'.

The player can buy shoes and socks to further customize their outfit. In previous games, the player can only change the color or style of shoes to match an outfit.

In amiibo Festival

Kicks is a playable character in amiibo Festival, available when the Kicks amiibo is scanned on the Wii U. Sometimes when the player playing as Kicks lands on an event square in the Amiibo Festival Board Game mode, a random event specifically related to Kicks may appear.

Kicks has 6 unlockable costumes for the game, unlocked through leveling up the Kicks amiibo:

  • Work outfit (Level 1)
  • Pants with suspenders (Level 2)
  • Pink shirt with blue overalls (Level 3)
  • Magician (Level 4)
  • Cowboy (Level 5)
  • Hotel staff (Level 6)

In Pocket Camp

Kicks occasionally appears in the Market Place, selling socks and shoes for the player to purchase.

In New Horizons

Kicks has a chance of appearing in the Resident Services plaza up to once per week as a traveling peddler after the player constructs the Able Sisters shop on their island. He sells shoes, socks, and bags, and offers his services from 5am to 10pm.

Once the player fulfills the games requirements to open up a plaza on Harv’s Island, the player will be able to donate 100k bells in order to unlock his permanent co-op where he’ll sell the same type of inventory he sells when visiting the players island. Like the other co-op’s save for Redd’s, his inventory will change once a week on Monday’s. On days where he’s scheduled to visit the players island, his shop on Harv’s Island will be vacant.


New Horizons

Should the player attempt to invite Kicks to the campsite by scanning his amiibo, he will have the following to say:

"'Allo? Kicks here. Hm? Player, is it? What's the good word, my chum.
Swing by the ol' campsite? Maybe... Nah. 'Fraid I'm drownin' in work. Shoes don't shine themselves.
Don't go takin' this is wrong way. Got it, chum? Honestly, thanks for thinkin' of me!"

amiibo Card

amiibo Card[1]
Amiibo card back.png
#103 Kicks
Type Special
Star sign Sagittarius
Birthday 11/30
Roll value 1
Hand sign Paper
Request I'll leave it up to you!
Amiibo 103 Kicks.png
102 Reese #103 Kicks 104 Labelle


  • The name "Kicks" is the slang word for tennis shoes.
  • In New Leaf, like Labelle, Kicks will react to most negative emotions, such as "Sheepishness" and "Worry," and will only react to very few positive emotions.
  • In New Leaf, the song playing in the store is based upon the theme song of Eureka.[2]
  • In New Leaf, Kicks has the voice of a smug villager.
  • While Kicks is the only Skunk in the series so far, Blaire and Tasha are squirrels that are designed to resemble skunks.
  • He shares his birthday with Tasha. Both have their birthdays on November 30th.
  • Kicks' attire is based on Oliver Twist or how shoeshine boys looked in movies set in the Roaring 20's.
  • Kicks' regional names tend to be just as shoe-laden: Schubert means shoemaker, Betunio is derived from the word for shoe polish and Sciuscià means shoeshine.
  • He is featured on the cover of Animal City.
  • Kicks' speech pattern appears to be a bit like that of a person from the United Kingdom.

In other languages

Language Name
Japan Japanese シャンク Shanku, Shank
France French Blaise
Spain Spanish Betunio
Germany German Schubert
Italy Italian Sciuscià
China Chinese 薛革 Xuē gé
South Korea Korean 패트릭


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