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Spandex is the best disguise.
― Picture quote, Wild World

Kid Cat (1ごう, Ichi Gō?, #1) is a jock cat villager. His theme and Japanese name are a reference to Kamen Rider. He is one of the five superhero villagers, the others being Agent S (No. 2), Big Top (No. 3), Rocket (No. 4), and Filly (No. 7). His initial phrase, "psst," is a sound made when confiding a secret and is an onomatopoeic word used to describe the sound a feline makes. He has the fitness hobby.


Kid Cat AFe+

Kid Cat in Animal Forest e+

Kid Cat is a white cat with a red helmet. His helmet has a white stripe down the middle and a blue "1" on the forehead area. His ears stick out of his helmet and are light blue on the inside, matching the light blue gradient on the end of his tail. In earlier games, Kid Cat appeared to be wearing black and red sweatbands; however, in New Horizons this is replaced by red coloring on his legs and arms that likely represent a red spandex suit. In later games, he also wears white boots with metal soles. He has large, wide-open eyes which are covered by his helmet's visor. He initially wears a No. 1 shirt, which matches his red helmet.


Below is a brief description of the jock personality. For more information, click here.

Kid Cat has a jock personality and has a great interest in sports and bodybuilding. Jock villagers are hyperactive and motivated, but often come across as self-centered and dense. As a jock villager, Kid Cat is very interested in his hobby, and may compete against the player at catching bugs and fish. Jock villagers get along with peppy, cranky, and sisterly villagers, but conflict with the laid-back lifestyle of lazy villagers. Snooty villagers may also be difficult to get along with for Kid Cat.


In Animal Forest e+, Kid Cat's house is identical to Deena's, only that he has used the Chainlink Fence and the Western Carpet. He also has one gyroid, the Mega Harmonoid. No stereo is in his house either, and therefore, no music.

In Wild World, City Folk, and New Leaf, Kid Cat's house has an exercise-type room, as if in a locker room or on a playing field. His wallpaper is the Chainlink Fence. He has the Blue Bench, Red Drum, Blue Bin, Iron Frame, Retro TV, Office Locker, clothes Line, Weight Bench, Basketball Hoop, and a Robo Stereo which plays Go K.K. Rider!.

In New Horizons, Kid Cat's house is similar to his previous homes, resembling exercise equipment in an urban area. In the back of his house, from left to right, he has a mountain bike, basketball hoop, and a weight bench. In the front of his house, he has a pull-up-bar-stand and an oil barrel, garbage pail, and cardboard box crammed into a corner. The cardboard box has a tape deck that plays Go K.K. Rider. For wallpaper, he uses the Chain-Link Fence, and for flooring, he uses the Sandlot.

AFe+ Kid Cat House
Animal Forest e+ (interior)
WW Kid Cat House CF Kid Cat House
Wild World (interior) City Folk (interior)
NL Kid Cat House NL Kid Cat House Ext
New Leaf (interior) New Leaf (exterior)
KidCatNHin NH Kid Cat House Ext
New Horizons (interior) New Horizons (exterior)

Pocket Camp[]

Kid Cat was released with Pocket Camp on October 25, 2017.

Kid Cat's preferred theme is sporty, and he primarily gives wood as a reward. His profile reads:

❝ Kid Cat claims he will fight tirelessly to protect his town against impeding evil! Unfortunately for him, that's going to be a pretty boring task!❞

Campsite Invitation Requirements[]

Friendship Level: 5

Furniture/Item Required Materials Price (Bells) Craft Time
Fruit Drink 30 preserves, 3 friend powder 1060 2 hours
Corral Fence 6 wood 800 3 minutes
Hammock 3 wood, 3 cotton 420 1 minute
Cable Spool 60 wood, 3 natural essence 2090 9 hours
Changing Room 60 steel, 3 cool essence 2310 6 hours

Friendship Rewards[]

  • At level 7 friendship, he will reward the player with a No. 1 shirt and sparkle stones (x1).
  • At level 9, he will reward the player with sparkle stones (x1).
  • At level 15, he will request the player to craft a spherical radar.
  • At level 20, he will reward the player with a pic of Kid Cat and sparkle stones (x1).
  • At level 25, he will reward the player with sparkle stones (x1).
  • At level 30, he will reward the player with sparkle stones (x1).
  • At level 35, he will reward the player with sparkle stones (x1).
  • At level 40, he will reward the player with sparkle stones (x1).
  • At level 45, he will reward the player with sparkle stones (x1).
  • At level 50, he will reward the player with sparkle stones (x1).
  • At level 55, he will reward the player with sparkle stones (x1).
  • At level 60, he will reward the player with sparkle stones (x1).
  • At level 65, he will reward the player with sparkle stones (x1).
  • At level 70, he will reward the player with sparkle stones (x1).

amiibo Card[]

amiibo Card[1]
Amiibo card back
#197 Kid Cat
Type Cat
Star sign Leo
Birthday 8/1
Roll value 6
Hand sign Rock
Request A superhero base
Amiibo 197 Kid Cat
196 Freya #197 Kid Cat 198 Agent S


  • His name in the German version of City Folk was a translator's mistake - "Petra" being a feminine German name. However, his current German name, Pit, is the same as the English name of the protagonist of the Kid Icarus game series, also created by Nintendo.
  • Kid Cat is one of the few villagers to have footwear, as he wears a pair of white boots starting from New Horizons.
  • Kid Cat is most likely a reference to the famous Japanese Tokusatsu franchise, Super Sentai, better known for its US adaptation Power Rangers. Due to him being part of a team of five superheroes which all have suits with different colors, all having a number, 1 being Kid Cat's number referencing that the leaders are usually represented by the number 1. In a Sentai team, red is the color used by the leader, and his picture quote is also referencing the fact that the suits used in the Super Sentai series are made of spandex.
    • Similarly, Kid Cat's pose looks exactly like the transformation pose in Kamen Rider, a series made by the same person who created Super Sentai, Shotaro Ishinomori.
  • Kid Cat's Chinese phrase "喝" means "drink". This is probably a reference to how athletes must stay hydrated regularly.
  • In New Horizons, Kid Cat's preferred styles are Active/Simple, and his preferred color is Red.
  • His Italian name, Zampa, is a bit similar to the normal cat's, Mitzi, whose Italian name is "Zampetta".

In other languages[]

Kid Cat
Language Name Translation
Japan Japanese 1ごう -
France French Câlin -
Spain Spanish Gatomán -
Germany German Pit -
Italy Italian Zampa -
The Netherlands Dutch Kid Cat -
China Chinese 阿一 Āyī -
South Korea Korean 1호 ho -


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