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"I caught a koi! I don't know why it's so shy... or such a bad speller..." —New Horizons

The koi is a rare river fish found throughout the year. It is found in the holding pond in New Horizons. It appears to be more common during Winter and in rainy weather. In all games, the koi is identical to the carp in all but coloration and abundance. In Pocket Camp, the player can sometimes catch a larger version of the fish known as King Koi, with it possessing a huge shadow.

Donation to the museum[]

As with all fish caught in Animal Crossing series, the koi can be donated to the museum in each game by talking to Blathers, who will also give some information on it.

In Animal Crossing[]

Upon donation, Blathers the curator will say:

"Some fish bring a higher price at the market than koi, but koi are special in some indescribable way... For whatever the reason, catching a koi feels like... like catching a living fortune, somehow. Interesting, that. Well, aren't I incoherent! All rambling aside, rest easy knowing we will give this noble fish the utmost care."

In Wild World[]

Upon donation, Blathers the curator will say:

"Hoo my! This addition should improve attendance at the museum most dramatically! I suspect that with the addition of this marvelous koi to the collection, folks from all around <<town name>> will be flocking to see it, wot wot!"

In City Folk[]

Upon donation, Blathers the curator will say:

"...Great hoo! One of these should liven up the museum nicely, that's for certain! I say, I've heard a koi's worth is determined by how flashy its coloring is... Hoo now... How many Bells might this one be worth? ...Hoo, compose yourself, Blathers. This is for the museum!"

The koi can be found in the middle-left tank, with other fresh water river fish.

In New Leaf[]

In New Leaf, an information board in the aquarium will list information about this fish.

"Though typically pale in color, these aquarium fish also can be found with rather beautiful patterns. This is all thanks to very selective breeding of carp with genetic mutations, allowing for diversity. No two koi have the exact same pattern and are popularly known as "swimming jewels" as a result. They can be sold for a very high price, depending on their coloring and pattern. If properly cared for, they can live for over 100 years, making them a staple for outdoor garden ponds."

In New Horizons[]

In New Horizons, upon donation or selecting "Tell me more about this!", Blathers the curator will say:

"Koi are a variety of carp bred for their color mutations...starting more than a thousand years ago! Well, one glance at their impressive coloring tells you that the centuries of effort were worth it. And even today people still selectively breed koi in search of new color combinations! One marvels at the thought of what the koi may look like in another thousand years."

Capture quotes[]

"I caught a koi! Whoever colored it did a real good job!" —Animal Crossing
"I caught a koi! Don't be coy! (Ugh.)" —Wild World
"I caught a koi! Oh, boy!" —City Folk
"I caught a koi! Can't play koi with me!" —New Leaf
"I caught a koi! I don't know why it's so shy... or such a bad speller..." —New Horizons

Japanese Quotes

にしきゴイを つりあげた! たっ たかそーっ!」 —Animal Forest

"I caught a Colored Carp! It looks so e--expensive!" (translation)

ニシキゴイを 釣り上げた!たっ たかそーっ!」 —New Leaf

"I caught a Colored Carp! It looks so e--expensive!" (translation)

Encyclopedia information[]

Wild World[]

Encyclopedia Information
Koi (Wild World) "Bred to be admired, koi are easy to raise. They can live up to 100 years. Wow!"
Size 2.4 feet
Habitat Rivers
Season All year
Icon Koi (Wild World icon)

City Folk[]

Encyclopedia Information
Koi (City Folk)
"These carp are bred for viewing. Easy to raise, some can live up to 100 years."
Size About 32 in.
Habitat Rivers
Season All year

New Leaf[]

Encyclopedia Information
Koi encyclopedia (New Leaf)
"I caught a koi! Can't play koi with me!"
Size About 32 in.
Habitat Rivers
Season All year

New Horizons[]

Encyclopedia Information
"I caught a koi! I don't know why it's so shy... or such a bad speller..."
Habitat Pond
Months active (north) All year
Months active (south) All year


Further information[]

ImagesJune22-03 16 koi

A variety of ornamental koi.

Main article: Koi on Wikipedia

Koi (鯉/鲤), more often known as Nishikigoi (meaning brocaded carp) is an ornamental fish of the common carp variety that is not known to occur naturally in the environment, at least not in its more colorfully distributed colorations. The colors of koi are from mutations in wild carp, and fish are hybridized and interbred to form the appearances we know today.

These fish are very long living and they can last over 200 years, 226 years being the oldest recorded age for a koi, about 100 years older than the longest living human at the oldest recorded age being 126 years.

In other languages[]

Language Name Translation
Japan Japanese ニシキゴイ Nishikigoi -
France French Carpe koï -
Spain Spanish Koi -
Germany German Koi-Karpfen -
Italy Italian Koi -
The Netherlands Dutch Koikarper -
Russia Russian Карп кои Karp koi -
China Chinese 锦鲤/錦鯉 Jǐnlǐ -
South Korea Korean 비단잉어 Bidaningeo -

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