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Feel free to try on anything you like!
― Labelle, City Folk

Label Able (ケイト Keito, ことの Kotono), also known as Labelle, is a special character in the Animal Crossing series. She serves as the store clerk for GracieGrace in City Folk, the accessories clerk at the Able Sisters store in New Leaf, and a special visitor who rewards unique clothing if the player models for her in New Horizons.

She is the younger sister of Sable and the older sister of Mabel, and left home to work as a fashion designer in the city following their parents' death, though she returns home in New Leaf. By the time of New Horizons, she is traveling and studying fashion to start her own designer clothing brand.


Label is a hedgehog with purple fur/spines. She has a cream-colored face. Her eyes are black. She wears light blue eyeshadow and darker blue eyeliner.

In City Folk, Label wears a white blouse with a black vest and pencil skirt as her work uniform. She also wears a scarf, tied like a bow, that has the same circular blue pattern seen on Gracie's shirt. In New Leaf, her outfit is relatively unchanged. The only difference is that her scarf now has an orange and white gingham pattern.

In New Horizons, Label dresses more casually. She wears a black shirt, blue denim jacket, white jeans, black shoes, white sunglasses, and the orange gingham scarf from her previous outfit. She also carries a clipboard and red pencil.


Label is extremely dedicated to her job at GracieGrace in City Folk as well her later job at Able Sisters. She is polite to players and gives good fashion tips when Gracie isn't around, but other than that her personality is not shown. Villagers inside the store will comment that she looks vaguely familiar.

In New Leaf, she has a more restrained, coy personality. Her personality becomes more affable as the player increases their patronage in her accessory shop.

In New Horizons, Label is less reserved. She is still polite, but much friendlier to the player.


In New Leaf[]


In New Leaf, Label is responsible for selling accessories in Able Sisters. She can be accessed on the right side of the store. Similarly to Mabel, Label will ask the player if they want to try on a certain accessory prior to purchase of said accessory.

If the player is a regular shopper in Able Sisters, particularly in the accessories section, she will interact with the player in a more welcoming way. After purchasing at least one accessory over 31 days, regardless of consecutive or not, she will give the player a free mannequin. Her choice of language with the player will also become of the highest politeness.

In New Horizons[]

In New Horizons, Label will begin appearing on the island after the Able Sisters shop has been built. She will stand at the Resident Services plaza and ask the player to model an outfit for her that follows a specific theme. To aid the player, she will give them a free piece of clothing that she suggests should be the centerpiece of that theme. If the player returns to her wearing an outfit that fulfills her requirements, she will reward them with a single piece of clothing or an accessory from her designer brand, "Labelle", and also mail two Tailors Tickets to them the next day. If the outfit does not fit the theme, Label will comment how she has learned something new about fashion and only reward a single Tailors Ticket. If the player does not wear anything, she will get angry and stomp her feet just like villagers.

Each piece of Label's designer clothing that is acquired will be unlocked in the Able Sisters shop inventory. Tailors Tickets can be redeemed at the Able Sisters shop for a single item with a value of 3,000 bells or less per ticket. The tickets must be in the player's pockets, and will be automatically redeemed for the first items that the player purchases.


The whole episode in full can be revealed by befriending Sable and Label in City Folk, and Sable in New Leaf.

When the Able Sisters were young, their parents passed away, leaving Sable in charge of the family. Mabel was too young to help or even to remember what happened. Label had an argument with Sable and left for a new life in the city as a fashion designer, where she met Gracie, who gave her a new name, Labelle, to better reflect her life as a designer and in an attempt to start fresh. She uses this as a fashion range for herself and later her sisters.

In City Folk, Label begins to send letters to Mabel in an attempt to try and piece the family back together. This causes Mabel to be quiet and depressed when the player talks to her. An option is then presented to the player to hear the backstory of the sisters. After this, the player can then travel to the city and quiz Labelle about it, who concedes that she had done wrong and wishes to make amends with the sisters. The story concludes with Mabel wishing that Sable would talk with Labelle again.

In New Leaf, the same story can be uncovered by talking to Sable every day for ten days. Labelle now works at the Able Sisters running the accessories section of the shop, which suggests that the sisters have made friends again. Interestingly, she still keeps the designer name Labelle. At the end of the story, Sable offers the player access to the QR Machine, which is used to share patterns over the internet.

In Happy Home Designer, when the player talks to her in her home, she may say that when she was much younger she had a brief stint at the post office but left because Phyllis was difficult to work with (ironically, Phyllis kept pushing Labelle to smile and put on a "happy face"). Additional dialogue shows that she dated a horse in high-school, but saw him as a "dweeb."

In New Horizons, while Label has left the family business to pursue her own career, she remains on good terms with her sisters and has returned to using her birth name. She started traveling the world to learn more about fashion in order to start her own designer clothing brand, which she named "Labelle" after her alias. If the player becomes friends with Sable, she admits that she misses Label helping around the shop but both she and Mabel are proud to support her in pursuing her dreams.

amiibo Card[]

Series 2[]

amiibo Card[1]
Amiibo card back
#104 Labelle
Type Special
Star sign Scorpio
Birthday 10/31
Roll value 3
Hand sign Scissors
Request I'll leave it up to you!
Amiibo 104 Labelle
103 Kicks #104 Labelle 105 Copper

Series 5[]

amiibo Card[2]
Amiibo card back
#410 Labelle
Type Special
Star sign Scorpio
Birthday 10/31
Roll value N/A
Hand sign N/A
Request I'll leave it up to you!
409 Sable #410 Labelle 411 K.K.


  • Although the name "Labelle" is meant to match Mabel and Sable, it's actually pronounced "luh-BELL".
    • Though, her real name is pronounced the same way as her sisters'.
  • In City Folk, lazy animals visiting GracieGrace will say Labelle looks like someone from their town.
  • In New Leaf, Labelle has the voice of a normal villager. In New Horizons, she has the voice of a snooty villager.
  • In New Leaf, the player's current Labelle's personality is linked to other towns.
  • If the player purchases at least one item for 31 days, either in a row or separate, she will give the player a Mannequin. Labelle's is the most difficult to obtain.
  • She shares her birthday with Jack and Shino, with all three of them having very spooky birthdays on October 31st.
  • During group stretching, Label's book will not disappear, and will remain in her right arm during stretching.
  • In New Leaf, unlike other clerks, Labelle doesn't have a first initial dialogue when the player visits her accessory store.
  • When she visits the player's island in New Horizons during a rainy day, she will be carrying a lace parasol. This, like Luna's umbrella, is one of the many umbrellas that can be bought from the cabinet at Nook's Cranny.
  • The official companion guide for New Horizons mentions that she has a sweet tooth and used to hide ice cream behind the peas in the Able Sisters' house.
    • This is brought up in one of the conversations with Sable before she starts giving the player patterns to use with furniture, as she mentions how Mabel ate the ice cream that was behind the peas when they were growing up.
  • Label's Chinese name, 绵儿/綿兒 (mián er?) (two different spellings, same pronunciation), translates to "cotton".
    • Her fashion brand and clerk name in Chinese, 凯丝/凱絲 (kǎi sī?), is "Kathy" or "Kath" written in Chinese phonetics.

In other languages[]

Language Name Translation
Japan Japanese ことの/ケイト kotono/keito -
France French Tiquette/Maria -
Spain Spanish Tili/Trini -
Germany German Minna/Samthea -
Italy Italian Bice/Beatrice -
The Netherlands Dutch Label -
Russia Russian Лэйбл leybl -
China Chinese 绵儿/凯丝/綿兒/凱絲 miánr/kǎi sī -
South Korea Korean 고순/케이트 go-sugi/keiteu -


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