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This article is about the black ladybug with red spots exclusive to GCN games. For the the red ladybug with black spots which appears in all Animal Crossing series games, see Spotted ladybug.
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The ladybug, Chilocorus bivulnerus, is one of two varieties of ladybug that appears in the GCN games. Unlike the other variety, the spotted ladybug, this insect has not appeared in any other games in the Animal Crossing series. It sells for 130 Bells. The ladybug can be found on flowers. Unlike the spotted ladybug, this ladybug is black with two red spots as opposed to red with seven black spots.

Capture quotes[]

"I caught a ladybug! That's one tiny bug, lady!" —Animal Crossing

「テントウムシを つかまえた! ちっちゃーい!!!」 —Animal Forest

"I caught a ladybug! It's tiiiny!!!" (translation)

「テントウムシを つかまえた! ちっちゃ カワイイ!!」 —Animal Forest e+

"I caught a ladybug! It's tiny and CUTE!!!" (translation)

Donation to the museum[]

Blathers, the curator of the museum, will unwillingly accept insects for display. After donation, Blathers will speak of the ladybug.

In Animal Crossing[]

"Ladybugs are one insect I thought might appeal to me. Then I made the grievous error of touching one. This vile fluid appeared from someplace and... Oh, it was everywhere! Blech! Utterly appalling!

Further information[]

Main article: Chilocorus stigma on Wikipedia

In the Japanese text for the insect when it is captured, the ladybug is referred to as chitchai (ちっちゃい?), a colloquial, cuter version of chiisai (小さい?), which both mean "small". Both puns refer to its tiny size, and, in Animal Forest e+, its cuteness.

Ladybugs are considered lucky in most cultures in the world. The name varies depending on the country, with Ladybird and Ladybeetle both being acceptable. The original derivation of Ladybird was from the belief that during the time aphids destroyed crops, farmers prayed to Virgin Mary for assistance. Ladybirds became the answer to solving the crisis, and they became known as the Beetles Of Our Lady.

In other languages[]

Language Name Translation
Japan Japanese テントウムシ Tentōmushi -
France French Coccinelle -
Spain Spanish Mariquita (Sp.)
Catarina (Am.)
Germany German Marienkäfer -
Italy Italian Coccinella -
The Netherlands Dutch Lieveheersbeestje -
Russia Russian Божья коровка Bozh'ya korovka -
China Chinese 瓢虫 Piáochóng -
South Korea Korean 무당벌레 Mudangbeolle -

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