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Lazy villagers (ぼく Boku, or ぼんやり Bonyari) (sometimes called relaxed, doofus, or food-loving villagers) are male characters in the Animal Crossing series. The name refers to their calm, laid-back lifestyle as well as their hospitable nature and love of food. As of now, there are 73 lazy villagers.

There are currently five villagers who changed from lazy to another personality, making it the personality that has lost the most villagers: Dobie and T-Bone, who changed from lazy to cranky; and Huck and Kidd, who instead turned smug since New Leaf. Roswell (formerly known as Pironkon) also became a smug villager upon his return in New Horizons. There are currently no instances of villagers changing to lazy.


Lazy villagers have a relaxed, easygoing, and naïve approach to living in the town. They are generally friendly and hospitable when interacting with the player and other villagers, they are fairly confident in themselves and their lifestyle.

In the original games, lazy villagers were characterized as hospitable elders whose silliness and lethargy was due to their age, hence why more elderly looking villagers such as the aforementioned Dobie and T-Bone used to be lazy. In later games, this personality received a different interpretation, with them being framed as the youngest type of villager and loving to sleep and eat. To account for this, some villagers who remained lazy received minor redesigns so as not to look old, such as Doc having the shading on his mouth altered to not look like a mustache.

In Wild World, they may mention reading an unseen magazine, called "Chillin' Magazine", which also reflects on their chilled, relaxed lifestyle. They often mention theories relating to certain aspects of the town, which they will mention in conversation to the player or other villagers. For example, some lazy villagers will wonder aloud who has to sit inside the Tom Nook Point System to make it talk.

Often, they will mention their beliefs that Tom Nook's store has a basement filled with Tom Nook stuffed animals. They often express a fascination with Tom Nook's fluffy tail, and will sometimes ask for copies of the unseen comic, Bagel Boy. They talk about doing hobbies including fishing, bug catching, fossil digging, planting flowers, and having good fashion. Lazy villagers will often ask the player to catch a bug or dig a fossil etc. depending on what hobby they like to do at the time. Once a player becomes good friends with a lazy villager, they will tell their made-up stories usually relating to the player, like in dreams. Other times, they will not tell players their stories because they fear the player would not like them. They do not take insults most of the time but sometimes they can, though they are very friendly and open-minded. They also tend to dramatize when sick, and they often pronounce 'medicine' as 'bedicine'. They will also sometimes make suggestive phrases to the player, or say "Ah huh huh huh! That's why they call me <villager's name> the romantic!"

Lazy villagers usually go to sleep at 10:00 PM, and awaken at 8:00 AM in Animal Crossing. In Wild World and City Folk, they usually go to sleep at 1:30 AM, and awaken at 8:00 AM. In New Leaf, they go to sleep at 11:00 PM and wake up at 9:00 AM. In New Horizons, they go to sleep at 11:00 PM and wake up at 8:00 AM unless there is a fireworks show, in which case they will remain awake until it ends. They find it easy to get along with and talk to other villagers, including the player. They get along more with other lazy, peppy, and normal villagers. Jock villagers will find it difficult to get along with them, due to their conflicting lifestyles of relaxing compared to the jock lifestyle of exercising and fitness. Lazy villagers are often brought down by snooty villagers because of their diet, lifestyle, and bitter comments towards them.

Cranky villagers will get along with lazy villagers too, as they too enjoy the slow-paced lifestyle and outlook on life, but can sometimes upset them if they say something wrong. They have a higher chance of making snooty and jock villagers upset, and they can make other villagers sad. Moreover, beginning in New Leaf, smug and sisterly villagers will easily get along with lazy villagers, appreciating how laid-back and hospitable they are. In New Leaf, unlike the other villagers, they will bow instead of wave to the player when they exit their home (normal villagers will also do this as well).

Ducks of a lazy personality have a tendency to ask if the player wants to hear a scary story. Of course, this is common with other species of lazy villagers as well, but if the player says yes, they will tell them the mayor's favorite food is Peking duck.

In New Leaf, if a lazy villager is visiting the player's town as a camper, they will mention how good the local fruit is.

In New Horizons, lazy villagers will talk about the bugs living in the walls of their house about as often as they talk about food. Also, on very rare occasions, they become meta and tell players about how weird it is that trees have fast-growing fruit or that there's "pretty music everywhere". Then, at the end, they will laugh it off and tell the player they were joking, and how they fell asleep in front of their TVs and had weird dreams.


Below are some (not all) quotes made by lazy villagers

Inside house

  • "<personal greeting> I guess this means you like my place, huh, <catchphrase>?"

Before Thinking

  • "I've got a lot on my mind right now, so I don't really feel like chatting, <catchphrase>."

When Giving a Gift

  • "Since you're always helping me out, I got you a little present. It's a <item>! Take it! It's all yours, <catchphrase>! As soon as I saw it, I totally thought of you!"
  • "Hey I found the <item> you've been hunting for, <name>. Wait - what?- "come on now. Don't pretend you don't know what I'm talking about. You're always doing stuff for me, a I just wanted to show my thanks. Here you go, <catchphrase>. I'm always keeping my eyes peeled for stuff you might like. I'll let you know if I find anything cool!"

Around Toy Day

  • I heard a really freaky rumor... Jingle apparently gives people the wrong present a lot of the time! You've really gotta focus in on exactly what you want. Toy Day is one of my favorite holidays!"
  • A huh huh huh! It's just a few more nights until Toy Day! I want it to come soon, so I've been going to bed earlier, <catchphrase>. Anyway, i'm really hoping for a <characteristic>."
  • "Toy Day is almost here! The wait is sooooo hard! Anyway, between you and me, I asked Jingle for some <characteristic> this year."

Other Statements

  • "So I wanted to talk to you... But I forgot what I was going to say. Sorry about that. I'll try really hard to remember, <catchphrase>."
  • "I heard a rumor about you everyone is saying you're kind of a <rumor>! I'm jealous I wish I were popular enough for people to gossip about, <catchphrase>!"
  • "I was trying to open my drawer with my foot, and I stubbed my toe, <catchphrase>. It hurt so much I cried, but I still want to learn how to do chores with only my feet. It's a long-term goal of mine."
  • I'm pretty forgetful, but I'll record the good times we've shared in the notebook of my heart."
  • "I'm debating about what's the best way to enjoy the kind of weather we're having today. But if I don't hurry up and decide soon, the entire day is gonna be over!"
  • "I heard this real scary story... Do you want to hear it? Putting (food) in (other food)... Produces the flavor of (another food). Ewwwww! It's so creepy and unnatural!"
  • "Huh huh huh Say good-bye to Mr. Sun, <catchphrase>."
  • "Keep it real. Real chill."
  • "Hey, dude, did you frame that picture of me? Uh huh huh HUH! Man, I feel like a celebrity! Do you want my autograph, too!?"
  • "Do you have a favorite place? You know, a place where you can take a midday nap when you're tired? Huh? Oh me? Well, when you're out, sometimes I like to snooze on your floor!"
  • "My New Year's resolution is to eat vanilla pudding and creme brulee until I drop."
  • ". . . May I chew on your hair?"
  • "I was thinking about getting a shoe-shine... But the shoe guy isn't even here, <catchphrase>!
  • "I love talking about people! It's almost as much fun as eating!"
  • "You love me, you love me not. You love me, you love me not." *reply "I love you!"* "I love green peppers not, <catchphrase>."
  • "I like snow!"
  • "Have you been to <villager>'s house?..It has some vibes that I can't quite explain. I like em'... I just can't explain 'em!"
  • "It's my second time running into you today! The first was in your dreams! Sorry, I wandered in by accident!"
  • "I never thought about it...I wonder what the funnest thing is to ride?
  • "I like riding in cars! Didja know they've got "international combobulation engines"?"
  • "That means there's a buncha EXPLOSIONS happening inside all the time!"
  • "It's real amazing. Ya just press the gas pedal down real hard and...BOOM! VROOOOOOM! BOOM!"
  • "I'm um...I'm not allowed to drive cars. Anymore."
  • “If the rain gets you down, just think about rainbows, <catchphrase>. That's what I do!"
  • "Promise me you'll always be super-duper careful when you're cooking! 'Cause stuff can get real hot!"
  • "There are a lot of things like this, but YOU gave me this thing, so it's extra special, <catchphrase>!"
  • "Because when you're indoors... you always have the option to, like, flop down and take a nap."
  • "I have to clean up every couple of weeks, or my ant friends won't go home."
  • "I get stung a bunch too, so I always try to carry medicine with me. And also 'cause it tastes like blue!"
  • "I tried to find furniture that really felt like 'me'! But I'm still softer."
  • "Did someone draw on your face or something? That happens to me a lot. Maybe I should sleep less."
  • "Or...maybe...cactusususes are just misunderstood? Maybe I'll talk to a cactus about being friends."
  • "That means you're fiery like a hababa-ben-erioh pepper!"
  • "Paint is not a snack, <catchphrase>."
  • "But my coffee is the WORST! It's just!"
  • "A HUH HUH HUH! HUH HUH! HUH HUH HUH! HUH HUH HUH! Huh huh... hahhhh... Aw, who am I kiddin'?"
  • "Thanks for the pretty flowers! They'll make my house smell like bee food, <catchphrase>!"
  • "I was just thinking the same thing! That's why we're gonna be snack buddies forever and ever!"

When Starting a Conversation

  • "Hey, look! It's my old buddy <name> again! <catchphrase>! Anyway, did you need something?"
  • "Yay! It's <name>!"
  • "Hey again, <name>. What can I help you with this time, <catchphrase>?"
  • "Don't worry. I've always got time for you, <name>. Well then, what can I do for you?"
  • "Is everything OK with you, <name>? What do you want to talk about now, <catchphrase>?
  • "Aw, are you feeling lonely? Well, what do you want to chat about, <catchphrase>?"
  • "Hey there! It's always so good to see you, <catchphrase>!"
  • "Oh... Kinda weird how we keep bumping into each other today.
  • "I'm so sleepy... Anyway, what's going on with you?"
  • "Hi! It's me! <name>!"

Door Signs

  • I'm out on a snack run!
  • Sleeping. Come back when I'm awake.
  • I'm sleeping! Please don't disturb me!
  • Sleeping. Don't wake me up. ZZZZZZ.
  • I'm sleeping... Please don't wake me up, OK?

At the Roost

  • "I feel so grown-up sitting here in the cafe. If I stay here long enough, I'll probably have to start shaving, <catchphrase>!"
  • "I wonder if Brewster would pour the coffee directly into my mouth if I asked him nicely."
  • "Don't tell Brewster, but I emptied the sugar bowl in my coffee."

When Trading

  • "I smell a <furniture item>. It's yours, isn't it? -How'd you know?- "Are you kidding? I've been looking for one of those forever. Wanna trade it for my sweet, sweet <item>? -Sure!- Yesssssss! Well, there's no point waiting around. Let's do this! (trades) A huh huh huh! Thanks a million, <catchphrase>!
  • "You know how one person's trash is another person's treasure? Well, my stuff is all treasure. So how about trading your <item> for my <item>? What do you say? -Let's trade- Yesssss! Trading treasure for treasure is a win-win for both of us! (trades) Trading stuff is sooo fun. We gotta do this again, <catchphrase>!"

When Visiting Player's House

  • "Honey, I'm home! A huh huh huh! Just kidding, <catchphrase>."

When Visiting the Player’s House Unannounced

  • ”Hey, <player name>. Let’s hang out!"

Lazy Villagers[]

The following is a list of villagers who have the lazy personality in their latest installments of the Animal Crossing series games.


  • The Japanese name 'boku' is a personal pronoun that can be used casually and is friendly. It is generally used by males, and sometimes females.
  • They are the first to sleep at night at 11:00 PM, although they will stay awake to see the Fireworks Show.
  • 16 lazy villagers are blue, for unknown reasons.
  • In Spanish, this personality is referred to as "vago", which translates to "lazy".
    • In the official New Horizons guide book, however, they are referred to as "perezoso". This literally means "slothful", but is used like the word "lazy".
      • 'perezoso' also means "sloth".
  • In New Leaf, lazy villagers will bow to the player instead of waving goodbye. They share this trait with normal villagers.
    • In Japan, bowing is a common gesture alongside waving hello or goodbye. It can be used as a gesture of politeness, apology, or as lazy villagers use it, a farewell gesture.

Names in other languages[]

Language Name Translation
Japan Japanese ぼく/ぼんやり Boku/bonyari -
France French Paresseux -
Spain Spanish Vago/Perezoso -
Germany German Bequem -
Italy Italian Pigro -
The Netherlands Dutch Agnes -
South Korea Korean 먹보 Meokbo -

Female Male
NormalPeppySnootySisterly CrankyJockLazySmug