Leaf Tickets (リーフチケット, Rīfu Chiketto?, Leaf Ticket) are a currency introduced in Pocket Camp. They can be obtained by completing Timed Goals or Stretch Goals for Isabelle or may be bought for real-life currency. They are sold to the player by Tom Nook.

Leaf Tickets are entirely optional, however, certain items and bonuses are only possible through the usage Leaf Tickets. They can be used and exchanged for:

  • Throw nets, which allow the player to catch multiple fish at once.
  • Honey, which allows the player to catch multiple bugs at once.
  • Fertilizer, which allows the player to have fruit regrow instantly on a single tree.
  • Entrance to Shovelstrike Quarry.
  • Placing craft orders when the player doesn't have all the required materials.
  • Instantly finishing Cyrus's furniture production.
  • Expanding the inventory cap by 5, to a maximum of 250.
  • Expanding the number of market boxes available, to a maximum of 32.
  • Crafting K.K. Slider's chair and Tom Nook's chair.
  • Purchasing new paint jobs from OK Motors.


Number of tickets Price (USD)[1] Price (AUD) Price (JPY) Price (EUR)
20 $0.99 $1.49 ¥120 €1.09
45 $1.99 $2.99 ¥240 €2.29
100 $3.99 $5.99 ¥480 €4.49
200 $7.99 $12.99 ¥960 €8.99
600 $20.99 $28.99 ¥2500 €17.99
1,200 $39.99 $50.99 ¥4800 €33.99


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