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This article is about turtle islander. For the sisterly penguin, see Flo.
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Leila (クク, Kuku?) is a green turtle (kappa in the Japanese version) that appears in New Leaf. She is Kapp'n's and Leilani's daughter and Grams's granddaughter. She works at the Island along with Grams and Leilani and acts as a merchant that the player can sell items to for small amounts of Bells. She buys items at the abysmally low 5% of their original prices, making Lelia's services more of a disposal system to remove unwanted items from the player's pockets.

While she plays no special role in New Horizons, Leila can be summoned via amiibo like other special NPCs as of Version 2.0.0. Additionally, she will join her relatives if any are invited to The Roost.


Leila wears a pink, floral dress and has two yellow hibiscuses supporting her brown pigtails. Her hair is parted around the top, just like the rest of her family's. Her body is a bright green, and she has pink cheeks. Her snout is yellow, and she has black, closed eyes with a rim of white around them. She has features similar to Kapp'n.


She speaks in a very childish manner, using words like "fwiend" instead of friend, "pway" instead of play, and "wiff" instead of with. According to one of Kapp'n's shanties she favors her mother. She also cries when people tell her she looks like her father, and has the same island accent as the rest of her family (examples include "yer"). Her first word was "ahoy", according to one of Kapp’n’s songs.

amiibo Card

amiibo Card[1]
Amiibo card back.png
#110 Leila
Type Special
Star sign Leo
Birthday 8/16
Roll value 5
Hand sign Paper
Request I'll leave it up to you!
Amiibo 110 Leila.png
109 Porter #110 Leila 111 Dr. Shrunk


  • "Leila" is a variant of the name "Layla", which means "night" in Arabic. The name Layla originated from the story "Layla and Majnun".
    • Leila's name also contains the word "lei", which is a traditional Hawaiian flower necklace. It also sounds similar to her mother's name, Leilani.
  • She has a voice of a peppy villager.
  • Leila shares her birthday with Nate the bear. They both have a birthday on August 16th.
  • If invited to The Roost, Leila will not drink coffee and instead be seen eating a Roost sablé cookie. She shares this trait with Daisy Mae.
  • She and Katie are the only characters who mispronounce words.

In other languages

Language Name
Japan Japanese クク kuku
France French Lila
Spain Spanish Conchita
Germany German Lotte
Italy Italian Romina
The Netherlands Dutch Leila
Russia Russian Лейла Leila
China Chinese 沽沽 gūgū
South Korea Korean 꼬미 kkomi


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