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The Lighthouse is a landmark in the Animal Crossing series. It made its debut in Animal Crossing and, although absent in Wild World, reappears in City Folk and proceeding games.

In the games[]

In Animal Crossing[]

The Lighthouse appears in Animal Crossing for the GameCube. In this game, it is located near the water and turns on when it begins to get dark. Once a year, during Tortimer's Vacation, Tortimer will ask the player to turn on the lighthouse every night between specific times for seven consecutive days. This is also the only time the inside of the Lighthouse can be seen. If the light is turned on each day, Tortimer will reward the player with a model of the Lighthouse. However, if the player misses even one day, he won't give any reward.

In City Folk[]

The lighthouse is the final landmark that is obtainable in City Folk through the town fund by donating 1,000,000 Bells. The player will vote on building either the lighthouse or the windmill.

In New Leaf[]

Main article: Public works project

Size: 2x2

The lighthouse returns in New Leaf as a public works project, costing 372,000 bells. It can be requested by any type of villager. Only one lighthouse can be constructed, and it cannot be placed on the beach.

In Pocket Camp[]

The lighthouse appears in Pocket Camp as a decoration at Saltwater Shores. It is on the edge of the screen to the far right of the throw net pier and has no obvious function apart from decoration.

In New Horizons[]

The lighthouse appearing in New Horizons is a decorative item purchased at the Nook Stop for 5,000 miles in Resident Services. It comes in six variations.