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Please let me know if there is any way this humble gyroid may be of any further assistance.
― Lloid, City Folk

Lloid (ハニワくん, Haniwa-kun?) is a gyroid character first appearing in City Folk. He is polite, but can be dramatic. Just like the gyroid in Animal Crossing, he dances faster when the player gets closer to him. He doesn't make typical gyroid sounds, and has the ability to talk.


In City Folk

He often refers to a female character as "a madam" or "madam", and likewise refers to a male character as a "sir". His manner of speech resembles that spoken in the Elizabethan Era in England.

In New Leaf and Pocket Camp

Lloid's classical English manner of speech has been significantly toned down. He now speaks in a more casual manner of speech, but still remains respectful and professional.

In New Horizons

Lloid speaks like in New Leaf and Pocket Camp. Not as classical as he was in City Folk, but still professional. He only appears when the player is building a bridge/incline.

As revealed in the 2.0 update, Lloid has several relatives who, curiously, are also named Lloid.


Lloid has a tan colored body and eyes that give off a 'hollow' look, as they are just pitch black circles. He is speckled generously with darker brown spots. His mouth is always wide open.

Unlike most gyroids, Lloid has a simple shape - a round body, two arms that are always moving in opposite directions, and a shape that resembles a hard hat on the top of his head. In the Auction House, Lloid can be seen slightly moving back and forth with his arms moving in two different directions the whole time. The closer the character gets to the gyroid, the faster he dances.

In New Leaf, Lloid wears a hard hat, which resembles the shape of his head which was last seen in City Folk. When renting out tools on the island, he wears a hibiscus blossom on his head. When renting out tools in a dream town, he wears a turquoise nightcap.

In Pocket Camp, when Lloid is in the player's garden, he wears a yellow gardener hat with pink ribbon with white polka dots on it and a white pansie on the side.

In New Horizons, Lloid wears a hard hat, like he does in New Leaf.


In City Folk

Lloid as he appears in City Folk.

Lloid runs the Auction House, located to the right of GracieGrace in the city. He allows the player to bid, deposit an item for bidding, and is an alternative to storage space for those who do not have a dresser called the checkroom, however the checkroom is accessible from a dresser and vice-versa. He allows the player to inquire about displays, bids, and the checkroom. One weekend he accepts displays to add, and on the next weekend he allows the player to bid on items. Displays may be added on the Auction House by a registered friend over wi-fi (from their town).

When a player's item is not successful in the bidding period, it is sent back to the player within a few days of the end of that period, with a sorry note. If a player tries to bid on a weekend and no one has submitted any items, Lloid explains it as a "tough wicket," and blames it on "Herculean orders." It is suggested that if the player wants to partake in bidding, or have other characters submit items for bidding, they should submit their own.

In New Leaf

Isabelle introduces Lloid.

Lloid is a construction foreman, responsible for overseeing the construction of commissioned Public Works Projects. Once the mayor has chosen a place to build a project, Lloid will accept donations from the player and their neighbors. He can be found standing near the cordoned off area where the Public Works Project will be placed. For example, during construction of a building, all of the sides of the building will be cordoned off, and Lloid will be found standing in front of it. Also, during bridge construction, Lloid will be sitting on a small jetty, from the direction of the bridge to where it will be built. For Train Station remodeling, Lloid is found on the left side of the boarding area, opposite of Porter.

Lloid also makes appearance as a tool provider. He makes an appearance in Dream Towns, giving the player tools they can use while Dream Walking. He wears a green sleeping cap. He can also be found on the Tortimer Island or on Island Tours, wearing a red hibiscus flower. He can rent out 5 tools, the axe, fishing rod, net, shovel, and a wetsuit, which the player can borrow to perform various activities The tools are automatically returned to him when the player either goes on a Tour or returns to the mainland.

In Pocket Camp

Lloid watches over the garden of the player. He sells basic flower seeds and the player can exchange flowers for items with Lloid via Flower Trade. During certain periods of time Lloid also sells seasonal flower seeds that are only available in certain seasons.

He was introduced alongside the garden in Version 1.1.0.

In New Horizons

Lloid appears when the player is constructing a bridge or incline. He collects Bells from the player and other players visiting their island so that they can complete it the next day. In order for the player to build a bridge or incline and Lloid to appear, they first need to upgrade Resident Services into a building. Once Resident Services is upgraded, they can build a bridge or incline by talking to Tom Nook and saying “let’s talk infrastructure.”

Another version of Lloid was added in the 2.0 update, where several of them can be seen at Harv's Island collecting donations for the shops.


  • His design in City Folk is very similar to the outdoor Gyroid from the original game. Later games would give give him a hard hat, which the top of his head already looked like.
  • There is a possibility that there are multiple Lloids; while one Lloid can be found wearing a sleeping cap during dreams, but only in dreams. Another one wears a red hibiscus on Tortimer Island, and yet another Lloid can be found if the Town has a Public Works Project that still needs donations.
  • Lloid's name is derived from the real world name "Lloyd" as well as "Gyroid," as he is one.
  • In New Leaf, Lloid has the voice of the Nooklings. In New Horizons, it is higher pitched even than them, giving him the highest voice of any character.
  • Despite being a (presumably) sentient NPC who is incredibly helpful to the player, he doesn't have an Amiibo card.
  • Lloid coincidentally has a similar name to Lloyd from the Earthbound/Mother series, sometimes misspelled as Loid prior to localization.
  • He appears on the cover of K.K. Song along with K.K.
  • He is the only character to not have an official gender.