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The log set is a furniture set in New Horizons. It consists of:

  • log bed
  • log bench
  • log extra-long sofa
  • log dining table
  • log garden lounge
  • log round table
  • log sofa
  • log stakes
  • log stool
  • log wall-mounted clock
  • log decorative shelves
  • wild log bench

Each piece is customizable with four wood variations, and the patterns on the cushions and tablecloths can be customized.


Lumber type Pattern
Item Dark wood Orange wood White wood White birch Part Southwestern flair Geometric print Bears Quilted
Bed NH-Log bed-dark wood-southwestern flair NH-Log bed-orange wood NH-Log bed-white wood NH-Log bed-white birch Bedding NH-Log bed-dark wood-southwestern flair NH-Log bed-dark wood-geometric print NH-Log bed-dark wood-bears NH-Log bed-dark wood-quilted
NH-Log Bench (Dark Wood)
NH-Log bench-orange wood NH-Log bench-white wood NH-Log bench-white birch
Extra-long sofa
NH-Log Extra-long Sofa (Dark Wood)
NH-Log extra-long sofa-orange wood NH-Log extra-long sofa-white wood NH-Log extra-long sofa-white birch Pillow NH-Log extra-long sofa-dark wood-southwestern flair NH-Log extra-long sofa-dark wood-geometric print NH-Log extra-long sofa-dark wood-bears NH-Log extra-long sofa-dark wood-quilted
Dining table
NH-Log Dining Table (Dark Wood)
NH-Log dining table-orange wood NH-Log dining table-white wood NH-Log dining table-white birch Placemats NH-Log dining table-dark wood-southwestern flair NH-Log dining table-dark wood-geometric print NH-Log dining table-dark wood-bears NH-Log dining table-dark wood-quilted
Garden lounge
NH-Log Garden Lounge (Dark Wood)
NH-Log garden lounge-orange wood NH-Log garden lounge-white wood NH-Log garden lounge-white birch Pillow NH-Log garden lounge-dark wood-southwestern flair NH-Log garden lounge-dark wood-geometric print NH-Log garden lounge-dark wood-bears NH-Log garden lounge-dark wood-quilted
Round table
NH-Log Round Table (Dark Wood)
NH-Log round table-orange wood NH-Log round table-white wood NH-Log round table-white birch Tablecloth NH-Log round table-dark wood-southwestern flair NH-Log round table-dark wood-geometric print NH-Log round table-dark wood-bears NH-Log round table-dark wood-quilted
Sofa NH-Log sofa NH-Log sofa-orange wood NH-Log sofa-white wood NH-Log sofa-white birch Cushion NH-Log sofa-dark wood-southwestern flair NH-Log sofa-dark wood-geometric print NH-Log sofa-dark wood-bears NH-Log sofa-dark wood-quilted
NH-Log Stakes (Dark Wood)
NH-Log Stake (Orange Wood)
NH-Log Stakes (White Wood)
NH-Log Stakes (White Birch)
NH-Log Stool (Dark Wood)
NH-Log stool-orange wood NH-Log stool-white wood NH-Log stool-white birch
Wall-mounted clock
NH-Log Wall-Mounted Clock (Dark Wood)
NH-Log wall-mounted clock-orange wood NH-Log wall-mounted clock-white wood NH-Log wall-mounted clock-white birch


NH-Wild Log Bench (Dark Wood)
NH-Wild Log Bench (Orange Wood)
NH-Wild Log Bench (White Wood)
NH-Wild Log Bench (White Birch)