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I'm always excited to meet a fan. Speaking of, I better get back to making the rounds, buckaroo!
― Lopez, New Leaf

Lopez Gallery

Lopez (トムソン, Tomuson?, Thomson) is a smug deer villager in New Leaf and New Horizons. His name is likely derived from the word "antelope". His Japanese name is a reference to Thomson's Gazelle, a real-life species of antelope. His initial catchphrase in New Leaf is a play on the word "buck", the term for a male deer. He is seen on the cover of K.K. Fusion.

He has the education hobby.


Lopez in New Leaf.

Lopez is a deer with an appearance that resembles an antelope. He is golden-yellow with white cheeks and eye rims, with a light blue muzzle and inner ears. He also has white on the undersides of his arms and legs, and black hooves. His eyes have a thick black outline with pink lashes. He has light brown horns that have a slight bend.


Below is a brief description of the smug personality. For more information, click here.

Smug villagers are very polite, kind, and gentleman-like. As a smug villager, Lopez will get along easily with other villagers. Smug villagers get along well with most villagers, their personality appearing to be a mix of the other personality types. Smug villagers will stroke their egos from time to time, going on about how cool they are.

Generally, Lopez will get along with lazy, normal, snooty and peppy villagers, and may conflict with cranky villagers.


In New Leaf, Lopez's house contains many items from the Modern Wood Series. These items include the television, lamp, table, sofa, and shelf, on top of which is a seahorse. A pothos plant sits in front of his Hi-fi stereo, which will play K.K. Milonga. One of the furniture items he has that isn't from the Modern Wood series is his Classic bed, which has a Violin next to it.

In New Horizons, Lopez has a mix of a modern and cabin-styled interior. He has several items from the Ironwood series customized to the teak variety, including the bed, kitchenette, cart, cupboard, and clock. Most of his house is taken up by a kitchen area and appliances such as a Wood-burning stove, black Refrigerator, silver Espresso maker, an Analog kitchen scale, and microwave. He also has an Ivory small round mat, a Rocking chair, and an Antique console table. His flooring is the Modern Wood Flooring and he has the Modern Wood Wall, hanging on which is an animal Tapestry, an Ironwood clock, and a Deer decoration. His red Portable record player will still play his favorite song, K.K. Milonga.

NL Lopez House.jpg NL Lopez House Ext.jpg
New Leaf (interior) New Leaf (exterior)
LopezNHin.jpg NH Lopez House Ext.png
New Horizons (interior) New Horizons (exterior)

amiibo Card

amiibo Card[1]
Amiibo card back.png
#027 Lopez
Type Deer
Star sign Leo
Birthday 8/20
Roll value 2
Hand sign Paper
Request A stylish space
Amiibo 027 Lopez.png
026 Renée #027 Lopez 028 Jambette


  • On April Fool's Day, the real Lopez reveals he's the second of six children.
  • In New Horizons, Lopez's preferred style is Gorgeous, and his preferred color is Gray.

In other languages

Language Name
Japan Japanese トムソン Tomuson
France French Jon
Spain Spanish Agreste
Germany German Eckart
Italy Italian Lopez
The Netherlands Dutch Lopez
Russia Russian Лопеса
China Chinese 湯姆/汤姆 Tāngmǔ
South Korea Korean 톰슨 Tomseun (Thomson)


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