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A calming riverside getaway teeming with fish and fruit.

Lost Lure Creek (ナミナミ川, Naminami Gawa?, Naminami River) is a location in Pocket Camp where the player can catch freshwater fish and interact with villagers. There is a waterfall feeding a river that runs from west to east, with a jetty in the middle where the player can cast a fishing net. A few fruit trees also populate Lost Lure Creek, with fruit that is randomly picked when a new game is started.


In other languages[]

Lost Lure Creek
Language Name Translation
Japan Japanese ナミナミ川 Naminami Gawa, Naminami River -
France French Rivière Poiscaille -
Spain Spanish Arroyo Cebollo -
Germany German Blinkerbach -
Italy Italian Fiume Escapesca -
South Korea Korean 찰랑찰랑 강 -