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All twelve tickets, each one corresponding to a certain month.

In Animal Crossing, the Lottery is an event that happens on the last day of each month. In order to play, the player must go to Nook's shop. Tom Nook will not buy or sell anything on a Lottery day.

In order to play, the player must have five tickets of the current month, but tickets from the previous year can still be used on the same month. To get tickets, the player must buy clothes and furniture from Tom Nook's shop. Tickets cannot be sold; Tom will refuse to buy them from the player and remind them of the raffle day.

When the player wins the lottery, Nook will usually offer the player items that are considered to be hard to find, or more often, an NES game. After the player has given him five tickets from that month, he will spin the balls in the container. Depending on the ball's color, the player will either get a specific prize (gold ball for first place, red ball for second place, blue ball for third place), or no prize at all (white ball).

The lottery does not appear in Wild World, City Folk or New Leaf.


The following pieces of furniture can only be obtained through the lottery, not from Tom's usual stock. They can also be obtained as gifts etc, and are worth +1029 HRA points.