Lyle (ホンマさん, Honma-san?) is the insurance agent that appears in both Wild World and City Folk. He is a blue otter with large whiskers and a hunched appearance. Lyle's name could be referencing a trait in which otters lie on their backs while sleeping. He works as an insurance agent in Wild World, selling insurance and giving refunds on forged paintings and other misfortunes. In City Folk, he works for the Happy Room Academy. In New Leaf, he works for the Happy Home Academy. In Happy Home Designer, he and his niece Lottie now work for Nook's Homes. In Pocket Camp, he once again returns to working for the HHA, but this time as a Happy Homeroom Judge.


Lyle is an otter with blue-gray skin and a white muzzle and chest. He has small, circular eyes with black irises, and his cheeks have small freckles, he also has long whiskers.

In Wild World, his apparel consists of a brown suit and large, horn-rimmed glasses, and he is seen carrying a briefcase. In City Folk and New Leaf, he holds a black folder instead. He wears a Happy Room Academy uniform that consists of a dark red blazer over a white shirt and yellow necktie, with gray pants and brown shoes. He also wears this uniform in New Leaf as a representative of the Happy Home Academy.


In Wild World

Lyle makes his first appearance in Wild World working as an insurance salesman. He appears every Saturday outside the player's house to issue a survey. He will follow the player quite persistently if his request is not met.

The survey will initiate a "health insurance policy" once completed. By paying 3,000 Bells the player will receive insurance.


Lyle, as he appears in Wild World.

Insurance grants 100 Bells in the mail for each misfortune. Misfortunes include tripping, being stung by bees, or receiving counterfeit paintings (the latter after his second visit). The 100 Bells bonus can only be received once per day. A further payment of 6,000 Bells on the following Saturday will result in the player receiving compensation of 100 Bells if they buy a counterfeit painting, but only if the painting itself is presented to Lyle in person.

Normal villagers sometimes warn of a health insurance scam operating in the area, which is most likely a reference to Lyle. Some jock villagers talk about "muscle insurance".

A common rumor is that Lyle has ties and even works with Redd, though this is not confirmed in game.

Lyle will also appear at The Roost from 12:00 PM to 1:30 P.M. on a Sunday.

In City Folk

Lyle - Animal Crossing City Folk

Lyle appears to have a more respectable job in City Folk, working in the Happy Room Academy Headquarters in the City. He will mention how much he hates his new job, and frequently talks of his old, "high-flying" lifestyle. He seems to be calmer, possibly to fit in with his new 'happy' job and only makes a reference to 'bustin' his chops' once, if the player refuses to join the HRA. When talked to, his persistent nature leads him to continue talking with the player until they agree to join the Happy Room Academy. If the player's house becomes the model room, he states (if they decide to discuss the model room with him, not the eval) that he is trying to love his new job. An advert for the HRA, with his picture on it, can be seen in the bus, behind Kapp'n's seat.

He makes no reference to his past lifestyle in Wild World other than his frequent complaints and mentions of his old office when the player first talks to him. He does not talk about Redd or Crazy Redd's, which is located nearby, which leads many to speculate that he was caught for fraud, and has to work for the HRA which explains why he does not enjoy his work. Lyle no longer visits the Roost in City Folk.

At the Happy Room Academy Headquarters, the player can also speak with Lyle in order to find out their current "HRA evaluation" or stop the weekly flow of evaluation letters.

It is suggested that he used to be a grave-digger or fossil hunter, because if the player's house becomes the model room and has a particularly valuable fossil in it, Lyle will say that he used to dig up bones in "the yard.. not the backyard, the other yard...", implying that it was a graveyard he used to dig in.

Lyle constantly jumps to the word 'Bang'. When the player asks about their latest evaluation, he will tell the player how many points they've earned for their house. (This will also be mentioned in a letter the player receives after evaluation day.) Towards the end of the conversation he will say 'You got ideas? Good. Great. Wonderful. Bang.' 

In New Leaf

Meeting Lyle

Meeting Lyle.

Lyle returns to the Animal Crossing series in New Leaf. He works with Tom Nook in his real estate agency, Nook's Homes. He is in charge of the Happy Home Academy aspect of the business and seems to enjoy his job more than he did in City Folk. He is more all-around pleasant, although he still makes a few side complaints about his co-workers being annoying. Every so often, when the player comes to ask about their home evaluation, the player is given the option of asking Lyle, "What's new?". If this option is selected, Lyle will proceed to tell the player about his interactions with other store owners on main street, such as Leif and the Able Sisters (Hinting towards the relationship between the Able Sisters and Tom Nook). This function replaces the "episodes" that were removed since the previous two games.

Lyle also appears on a Happy Home Academy advertisement that occasionally is displayed on the Video Screen public works project.

In Animal Crossing: The Movie

Lyle makes a small appearance in Dōbutsu no Mori. He is seen in the background of the fireworks festival when K.K. Slider is singing on stage. He wears the same suit as his appearance in Wild World. He does not talk and makes no other appearance in the film.

In Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer

In Happy Home Designer, Lyle is now an working at Nook's Homes. His niece Lottie is also working there.

In Pocket Camp

Lyle returns to the Happy Home Academy, now being a judge for the Happy Homeroom.

amiibo Card

amiibo Card
Amiibo card back
#016 Lyle
Type Special
Star sign Gemini
Birthday 6/6
Roll value 5
Hand sign Paper
Request I'll leave it up to you!
Amiibo 016 Lyle
015 Tortimer #016 Lyle 017 Lottie


Wild World

City Folk

New Leaf

Dōbutsu no Mori (film)


  • When riding the bus to the city, you can see a poster of Lyle talking on the back of Kapp'n's seat. This is most likely an ad for the HRA.
  • When asking about the model room in City Folk, and he says your room is featured, he will say "Lyle's starting to love this job! Look at him dance!"
  • He often praises the HRA team for dedication, though sometimes questions them in New Leaf.
  • When the Video Screen Public Works Project is done, Lyle appears in one of the advertisements.
  • In New Leaf, sometimes Lyle will talk about rumors about characters like Tom Nook, Gracie and Dr. Shrunk.
    • In the same dialogue, he may mention that he actually has daughters, suggesting he has more family than just Lottie.

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