MEOW Coupons
ふるさとチケット Furusato Chiketto

Type Currency
Stackable Yes
Availability All day, daily or weekly
Appearances NL
Regional names Flag of Italy small Coupon civici
Mutual Exchange Of Wealth coupons (ふるさとチケット Furusato Chiketto?, Furusato Ticket), better known as MEOW coupons, are a new currency added in the Welcome amiibo update of New Leaf. It also may be a reference to a sound cats make, meow.

These coupons are obtained by completing town initiatives or certain achievements in Puzzle League and can be retrieved from the CAT Machine. Additionally, five coupons are earned by scanning any amiibo figurine. MEOW coupons can be spent in the campground, either at Harvey's shop, where each item costs 5 MEOW coupons, or from a character's mobile home, where each item costs 3 MEOW coupons. The coupons can also be exchanged for 3,000 bells each at the ABD. This feature is available once you pay Tom Nook your first home loan of 39,800 bells.

Harvey's Guests

Pascal offers sailing items:

Nat offers plant-based items:

  • Jungle wall
  • Jungle floor
  • Autumn-leaf chair
  • Leaf bed
  • Pile of leaves
  • Potted ivy
  • Sparrow's nest
  • Sprout table
  • Tree standee

Franklin offers items related to the Harvest Festival:

Jingle offers items related to Toy Day

  • Party wall
  • White wood floor
  • Alpine low table
  • Gift pile (wild wrapping paper)
  • Gift pile (traditional wrapping paper)
  • Poinsettia
  • Santa coat
  • Snow globe
  • Tree stump chair
  • Yule log

Joan offers Japanese items

  • Shoji screen
  • Tatami
  • Daimyo's tray
  • Floor seat
  • Hearth
  • Lucky cat
  • Paper wall lamp
  • Tokonoma
  • Zen tea set
  • Zodiac boar

Wendell offers food related items

  • Concrete wall
  • Paintball floor
  • Crayons
  • Pasta
  • Retro fridge
  • Rice balls
  • Roasted dino meat
  • Scattered papers
  • Sloppy sink
  • Sloppy table
  • Tacos
  • Wendell's painting

Saharah offers desert related itemd

  • Tent wall
  • Tent rug
  • Aquarius urn
  • Cabin low table (cabin series)
  • Genie's lamp
  • Loom (yellow)
  • Loom (blue)
  • Round mini cactus
  • Tile screen

Jack offers items related to Halloween

  • Spooky wall
  • Spooky carpet
  • Candy machine
  • Green-pumpkin head
  • Jack-in-the-box
  • Patched dress
  • Patched shirt
  • Pumpkin pie
  • Purple-pumpkin head
  • Red-pumpkin head
  • Spooky wall lamp
  • Tea table
  • Wood display stand
  • Yellow-pumpkin head

Pavé offers items related to Festivale

  • Pavé wall
  • Pavé floor
  • Berliner
  • Festivale accessory
  • Festivale pants
  • Festivale tank
  • Festivale tank dress
  • Pavé chest
  • Pavé clock
  • Pavé end table
  • Pavé lamp
  • Pavé sofa