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See the railroad tracks at the top of the map? Head north from there to get to Main Street.
Some fresh air and exercise would do you good. A trip to Main Street may be just what we both need!

Isabelle talking to the new mayor about going to Nook's Homes

Main Street (商店街 Shōtengai?, Shopping District) is an area of the town that has its first appearance in New Leaf. It replaces the City, a place in City Folk, where the player had to travel to in order to visit unique shops and buildings; Main Street slightly resembles the City and some of the shops are still there.

It can be found in the upper-most area of the Town, in front of the Happy Home Showcase and north of the Train Station, across the tracks. The game loads the area when the player has walked up the stairs, similar to when entering a building, briefly showing a loading screen.

It is divided into two, with Happy Home Showcase in the middle. It offers a variety of different stores and can be upgraded through the mayors duties in the Town Hall. To the south is the village, where the player and the villagers live in their houses.

Original Buildings[]

During the first days the player begins the game, there are only a small number of buildings available. These include Nookling Junction and the Able Sisters store, which are to the right of the Happy Home Showcase. To the left are the Post Office and Nook's Homes. The rooms that are absent are the second floor to the Museum, the Fortune Shop, Dream Suite, Club LOL, Shampoodle, and Kicks.

The Museum's location will always be opposite of the town's ocean, and may vary from town to town. It will always be on the farthest left or right side of Main Street.

Nookling Junction[]

Main article: Nookling Junction

Nookling Junction is one of the few stores open at the start of the game. It is owned by Timmy and Tommy, who have taken over the Nook franchise from Tom Nook in previous games. Timmy works on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, and Tommy works on Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. It can be upgraded 4 times, during which it will sell a variety of different products and change its appearance throughout the course of the game. It also offers a limited selling service but at a 20% lower price than Re-Tail.

The player has a limited choice of items to buy from the store. It sells two Tools (Fishing Rod, Shovel or Net), two pieces of Furniture, one set of Stationery, Wrapping Paper and one Fortune Cookie.

As it expands, its item variety will increase and continue to change daily. After the first expansion, T&T Mart, the store will begin housing a kiosk where players can order items previously pocketed through the shopping catalog. The number of tools (three) and kinds of tools (adding the timer and slingshot) will also increase, and players will be able to buy wallpapers and floors.

Post Office[]

Main article: Post Office

The Post Office is a returning building in the franchise that was last seen in Animal Crossing. In both Wild World and City Folk, the Post Office was part of the Town Hall. It is run by sisters named Pelly and Phyllis, with Pelly working the day shift, and Phyllis working the night shift.

The player can use the Post Office to send letters, and they can also save letters received from other villagers or players who have sent the player letters in the player's village. When Pete makes his delivery rounds around the town, if SpotPass is activated, players can also receive in-game items from Nintendo promotions. An Automatic Bell Dispenser in the corner of the office allows the player to repay home loans from Tom Nook, as well as manage their bank account.

Able Sisters[]

Main article: Able Sisters

The Able Sisters is a clothing/tailor store run by the sisters Mabel, Sable, and Labelle. It is located on the eastern side, next to Nookling Junction and the subsequent Nookling store upgrades.

In the main area of the store, the player can buy clothes as well as obtain, display, and create designs they can use to customize their clothes, furniture, house, and other items. While creating normal designs is free, the player must pay Mabel 500 Bells to access the more complex, PRO designs. Speaking to Mabel will also allow the player to save designs. Speaking to Sable many times will allow the player to create QR codes for their designs.

Labelle runs the accessories wing, which is accessible from the outside through the right-hand door, or by walking through the hallway from indoors.

Once the right conditions have been met, Kicks will be built on to the right of Able Sisters, and Shampoodle will open above the store.

Nook's Homes[]

Main article: Nook's Homes (New Leaf)

Nook's Homes is a new building in the Animal Crossing series. It is run by Tom Nook, who assists the player in customizing their house through renovating it with new exterior features or by expanding it. Lyle also works here, and is now in charge of the renamed Happy Home Academy, a duty he previously held in City Folk.

The player can choose from a variety of different external features to customize their home, which has expanded greatly from previous installments. If the player has not chosen to expand their home for the day, they have the option to customize the following:

  • Doors
  • Fences
  • Mailboxes
  • Roofs
  • Exterior Walls
  • Pavement


The Museum exterior.
Main article: Museum

The Museum serves a similar purpose as in previous game, and it is the only building on Main Street that can be found in one of two locations. It can be located on either the farthest right or left end of the main row of buildings.

It is run by Blathers, to whom the player can donate the fish, bugs, paintings, and fossils, that will be displayed in their appropriate exhibition halls. The aquarium is significantly larger, having been split into three rooms for saltwater, freshwater, and underwater sea creatures.

Unlike previous games, the museum can be renovated to add a second floor run by Celeste with 4 player-hosted exhibit rooms and a museum shop. The second floor renovation is necessary to prompt Blathers' request to build Brewster's café.

Happy Home Showcase[]

The entrance to the Happy Room Showcase.
Main article: Happy Home Showcase

The Happy Home Showcase is a new area run by Digby, who can be found standing outside the area. Behind the arch is a small plaza leading to 3 separate areas with space for 48 homes.

The Showcase allows the player to visit the homes of other players they have encountered by exchanging data through Nintendo 3DS's StreetPass feature. It is a way for players to share their homes anonymously with other 3DS systems with New Leaf installed. Purchasable items found in homes in the Showcase can be ordered at higher prices by the player.

Photo Booth[]

Photo Booth
Main article: Photo Booth

The Photo Booth is a new feature in New Leaf. It can be found on the far left side, near the eventual location of Katrina's Fortune Shop.

A photo can be taken for 500 Bells, and the player can use an emotion to pose before taking the picture. There is a countdown from three before taking a picture. The primary function of the photo booth is to allow the player to add or update the photo on their Town Pass Card that is shared with other players. A photo is necessary if a player wishes to travel, or invite people into their town.

Obtainable Buildings[]

Over the course of the game, more stores can be unlocked by either constructing them through the mayor's duties, or they will appear over time when the player has fulfilled certain conditions.

Nookling Store Upgrades[]

Main article: Nookling Stores

The Nooklings' store starts out as a small shop that can be upgraded into better shops. Each upgrade requires spending a cumulative amount of money within the store, . The upgrades are Nookling Junction, T&T Mart, Super T&T, T.I.Y., and finally T&T Emporium.


Main article: Kicks (Store)

Kicks is a new store found in New Leaf run by Kicks. It is built next door to the Able Sisters tailor shop when the player has spent 8,000 Bells on items from the Able Sisters store. 10 days must also have passed since the creation of the Town. It takes three days for Kicks to be built. The player can purchase shoes, slippers, and boots, as well as socks, stockings and tights from the store.

Gardening Store[]

Main article: Gardening Store

The Gardening Store is a new store in New Leaf. It is run by a sloth called Leif, who also makes his debut in New Leaf. The player can buy flowers, saplings, shrub starts, and tools, such as the watering can and axe. 5 days must have passed since the creation of the town, and the player must have pulled weeds and/or planted flowers 30 times combined before the store will be built.

The Gardening store eventually merges into T.I.Y.; like Labelle's accessory wing, it will have a separate external door, but will eventually only be accessible from inside once T&T Emporium is constructed.

Club LOL[]

Main article: Club LOL

Club LOL, stylized as "Club lol", is a new building which debuts in New Leaf and replaces The Roost and The Marquee as the main entertainment venue. Dr. Shrunk runs the business, after retiring from his comedian role.

It serves two purposes. During the day, the player can visit Dr. Shrunk to learn emotions while seeing him perform his shows, but they have to give him a snack.

During the night, the player can visit the Club to see K.K. Slider perform his songs acoustic version on Saturdays and on every other day to see him remix his songs under the name of DJ K.K.


Main article: Shampoodle

Shampoodle is a business in the Animal Crossing series that allows the player to change their hair style and color. Harriet the poodle will ask the player a series of questions and, depending on which answers are chosen, they will be given a specific hairstyle and color. Changing the player's hairstyle also removes bedhead.

When the player has changed their own hairstyle enough times, Harriet will allow the player to change their eye color using contacts.

Fortune Shop[]

HNI 0070 zps64714571
Main article: Fortune Shop

The Fortune Shop is a new building in New Leaf, run by Katrina. She initially visits the town by setting up her tent in the town plaza. For 500 Bells, she will tell the player their fortune. Once she has told the player their fortune over 20 times, she will ask Isabelle to make a public works. The mayor can send donations to the public work and once funded, she will set up her building the next day. The Fortune Shop is located between the Dream Suite and the Photo Booth.

Dream Suite[]

Main article: Dream Suite

The Dream Suite is a new building in New Leaf, operated by Luna. It must first be built, which can be achieved by talking to Isabelle when she is first seen sleeping at her desk in the Town Hall. She will make the suggestion shortly afterwards as a Public Works Projects.

Once funded and built, it can be found next to Club LOL. Luna provides the service, by allowing the player to access the towns of other player or their own.


  • If a villager has moved out, they may come back to visit Main Street from time to time.
  • Each time the Nookling Store upgrades (starting at Super T&T), the background music for Main Street changes, such as for each upgrade, the tune will sound and relate to a bit of parade/carnival music.

Main Street Themes[]

Main Street (Day)
Main Street (Night)
Main Street (Rainy Day)
Main Street (Rainy Night)
Main Street (Snowy Day)
Main Street (Snowy Night)


In other languages[]

Main Street
Language Name Translation
Japan Japanese 商店街 Shōtengai, Shopping District -
France French Rue commerçante -
Spain Spanish Zona Comercial -
Germany German Einkaufsmeile -
Italy Italian Via degli Acquisti -
South Korea Korean 상점가 -