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"I got a manila clam! Manila is my favorite flavor of clam!" —New Horizons

The manila clam is a buried creature introduced in New Horizons. It can be crafted into fish bait. The player can obtain the recipe by digging up their first manila clam. A manila clam sells for 100 Bells.


The same manila clam expelling water.

The manila clam can be found on the beach. They are buried under the sand, but their location is shown by a small black dot appearing that shoots out a small spray of water, followed by a water spurting sound effect. The dot will disappear after a second, but the manila clam will still be present. Using a shovel the player can dig up the manila clam.


Main article: Fish bait

Manila clams are used in crafting fish bait. It takes 1 manila clam to make 1 bag of fish bait.

Further information

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Real life Manila clams.

The manila clam (Venerupis philippinarum) is a species of saltwater clam found in coastal regions of Asia. It is an important bivalve in aquaculture and is grown throughout the world for food and its often colorful and beautifully shaped shells. As well as humans, the clam is eaten by crabs, sea stars, fish, seabirds, otters, and raccoons. The clam has been introduced in coastal systems throughout the world and has sadly had a negative impact in many areas where it out-competes native clam species.


In other languages

  • In the Philippines (where the common name came from one of its cities, Manila), it is called "Halaan"


  • Although it is related to the Clam, the manila clam is not a deep-sea creature. Therefore it cannot:
    • Count towards the deep-sea badge.
    • Have a deep-sea encyclopedia entry.
    • Be donated to the museum.