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Maple Leaf Season is an event that was introduced in New Horizons. It takes place in late fall.


New Horizons[]

In New Horizons, Maple Leaf Season takes place between November 16th and 25th in the Northern Hemisphere, and between May 16th and 25th in the Southern Hemisphere. While the event is active, Maple Leaves will fall from the sky and can be caught with a net. In addition, seasonal DIY Recipes can be obtained from balloons; Isabelle will give the player the recipe for the Red-leaf pile during her daily broadcast. Crafting items from Maple Leaf Season recipes requires Maple Leaves as a crafting material.

DIY recipes exclusive to Maple Leaf Season include:

  • Autumn wall
  • Colored-leaves flooring
  • Leaf stool
  • Maple-leaf pochette
  • Maple-leaf pond stone
  • Maple-leaf umbrella
  • Red-leaf pile
  • Tree's bounty arch
  • Tree's bounty big tree


New Horizons[]

Regional Names[]

Maple Leaf Season
Language Name Translation
France French Saison des Feuille d'érable -
Spain Spanish Temporada de la hoja de arce -
Germany German Herbstblattsaison -
Italy Italian Stagione delle Foglia d'acero -