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Animal Crossing Mario Series Complete

The complete Mario Theme as it appears in City Folk. The items shown are, starting from the left: Green Pipe, ? Block, Brick Block, 1-Up Mushroom, Starman, Super Mushroom, Fire Flower, Koopa Shell, Coin, Fire Bar, Cannon, Flagpole (in both up and down state) (Mushroom Mural and Block Floor also shown).

The Mario Theme appears in all games to date from Animal Crossing onwards. In Animal Crossing and Wild World, the items can only be obtained through Universal Codes/Downloads at special Nintendo events. In City Folk, they appear in-game by shooting down floating presents with a slingshot, though not all presents contain Mario Theme items. These items cannot be reordered through the catalog. None of the Mario Theme items appear in Tom Nook's Catalog, as they are downloadable items only. In New Leaf, they can be obtained through Fortune Cookies. In New Horizons, they can be obtained from Nook Shopping. In Pocket Camp, the Mario theme was utilized three times in 2018, 2019, and 2021 to promote Mario Day and, in the case of 2021, the 35th anniversary for the Super Mario franchise as a whole.


All Mario Theme items are unique compared to the other items in the game because of their styled retro, 8-bit fashion. These items are simply replicas of enemies, obstacles and power-ups from Nintendo's classic NES title Super Mario Bros. Unlike conventional items that have volume and shading that correspond to the light in the room, Mario items have predetermined shading and shadows that move with the item and do not correlate with real lighting. All pieces of the Mario Theme sell for 256 bells because there are only 256 values expressible in 8-bit binary, zero through 255. This series has 10 or 12 non-furniture pieces, depending on the game.

In Wild World, four more items have been added to the set and remain the same appearance as the GameCube variant. The whole set can only be obtained from a distribution in Japan. Only six of the items were distributed from the week of 23 July to 30 July 2006 at Toys 'R' Us retailers across the United States.[1] Players had to activate Tag Mode at the aforementioned store to get the 1-Up Mushroom, Starman, Flagpole, Green pipe, Firebar and the ? Box.[2] Although, this caused issues, with the player not being able to obtain the gift included in the Bottle mail.[3]

In City Folk, the whole theme is now easier to obtain as they now can be found through Presents in the sky. They now look more 8-bit styled.

In New Leaf, this theme reappears, but now look more up to date and are no longer 8-bit. Some new pieces have also been added. They are obtained via fortune cookies purchasable with Play coins in Timmy and Tommy's store.

Furniture Items[]

Animal Crossing[]

Item Name Buy Price Sell Price Available From Group Color Size (sq) Info
? Block - 256 Universal Code - 1 Table/Usable
Brick Block - 256 Universal Code - 1 Table
Cannon - 256 Universal Code - 1 Usable
Coin - 256 Universal Code - 1 Usable
Fire Flower - 256 Universal Code - 1 Usable
Flagpole - 256 Universal Code - 1 Usable
Green Pipe - 256 Universal Code - 4 Usable
Koopa Shell - 256 Universal Code - 1 Usable
Starman - 256 Universal Code - 1 Usable
Super Mushroom - 256 Universal Code - 1 Usable

Wild World[]

Item Name Buy Price Sell Price Available From Group Color Genres Size (sq) Info
? Block - 256 Download - Yellow (x2) Old School/Lovely 1 Table, Usable
1-Up Mushroom - 256 Download - Yellow/Green Old School/Lovely 1 Usable
Brick Block - 256 Download - Brown (x2) Old School/Lovely 1 Table
Cannon - 256 Download - Black (x2) Old School/Lovely 1 Usable
Coin - 256 Download - Yellow (x2) Old School/Lovely 1 Usable
Fire Bar - 256 Download - Red/Brown Old School/Lovely 1 Usable
Fire Flower - 256 Download - Colorful/White Old School/Lovely 1 Usable
Flagpole - 256 Download - White/Brown Old School/Lovely 1 Usable
Green Pipe - 256 Download - Green (x2) Old School/Lovely 4 Usable
Koopa Shell - 256 Download - Yellow/Green Old School/Lovely 1 Usable
Starman - 256 Download - Yellow (x2) Old School/Lovely 1 Usable
Super Mushroom - 256 Download - Yellow/Red Old School/Lovely 1 Usable

City Folk[]

Item Name Image Buy Price Sell Price Available From Color Genres Size (sq) Info
? Block Questionblockcf - 256 Present Yellow/Orange Retro/Playful 1 Table/Usable
1-Up Mushroom 1-upmushroomcf - 256 Present Green/Orange Retro/Playful 1 Usable
Brick Block Brickblockcf - 256 Present Brown (x2) Retro/Playful 1 Table
Cannon Cannoncf - 256 Present Black (x2) Retro/Playful 1 Usable
Coin Coincf - 256 Present Yellow (x2) Retro/Playful 1 Usable
Fire Bar Firebarcf - 256 Present Red/Brown Retro/Playful 1 Usable
Fire Flower Fireflowercf - 256 Present White/Colorful Retro/Playful 1 Usable
Flagpole Flagpolecf - 256 Present White/Brown Retro/Playful 1 Usable
Green Pipe Greenpipecf - 256 Present Green (x2) Retro/Playful 4 Usable
Koopa Shell Koopashellcf - 256 Present Green (x2) Retro/Playful 1 Usable
Starman Starmancf - 256 Present Yellow (x2) Retro/Playful 1 Usable
Super Mushroom Supermushroomcf - 256 Present Red/Orange Retro/Playful 1


New Leaf[]

New Horizons[]

Whenever the player equips clothes from the Super Mario series (e. g. the Mario Hat), the first six notes of the Super Mario Bros. theme are heard instead of the normal equipping sound effect.


  • ? Block - A Brown cube with two flashing gold sides, one with a "?" on it. Objects may be placed on top, but when pressed without anything on it, the sound effect of a power-up appearing from Super Mario Bros. will play.
  • 1-Up Mushroom - A yellow and green mushroom. When pressed, the text "1-UP" appears above it and the 'extra-life' sound effect from Super Mario Bros is played; the same sound effect is played when the large denomination Bells start to appear out of the Money Rock. The floating "1-UP" text appears relative to the item and will always appear backwards if facing north.
  • Brick Block - This cube has a brick pattern in two sides and can have objects placed on it.
  • Cannon - A tall, black cannon with a skull on the sides. This item, when pressed, fires a large Bullet Bill, which carries on across the room until disappearing after a few tiles.
  • Coin - A flat, oval-shaped coin that flashes. When pressed, this item plays the sound effect of Mario or Luigi collecting a coin from Super Mario Bros.
  • Fire Bar - A block with a chain of fireballs that rotate counter-clockwise, parallel to the floor, from the center of the top face. This item plays the castle stage background music from Super Mario Bros. that can be switched on or off.
  • Fire Flower - A red-white-orange flashing flower. In Super Mario Bros, the Fire Flower was a power-up that allows the player to shoot bouncing fireballs; when pressed, that sound effect is played.
  • Green Pipe - A large, green pipe that has a flat, snapping flower (the 8-bit Piranha Plant) that slowly moves up and down within the pipe. When pressed, the Green Pipe plays the sound effect of the player entering a Warp Pipe from Super Mario Bros.
  • Koopa shell - A green turtle shell that belongs to a Koopa Troopa. Plays the sound effect of rebounding shell from Super Mario Bros.
  • Starman - A bright, glowing star with two eyes that flashes orange-yellow and plays the 'invincibility' tune from Super Mario Bros. In previous games, the player would flash in time with the star, as though they were also invincible. This no longer occurs in City Folk and Wild World; however, even when off, the City Folk Starman continues to flash, while the others do not.
  • Super Mushroom - An orange and red mushroom that plays the 'power-up' sound effect from Super Mario Bros.
  • Flag Pole - A tan and brown cube at the base of a green flagpole taller than the room. There is a white triangular flag with a green skull that will raise or lower when the base is pressed. This item plays the sound of Mario or Luigi sliding down flagpole at the end of Super Mario Bros stages.
  • Banana - A yellow banana that cannot be interacted with. It can only be received by using 500 points on the TNPS.
  • Kart - A red and white Mario Kart that cannot be interacted with. The player can get it only by transferring 10,000 points in the TNPS.
  • Yoshi's Egg - A Yoshi egg that Yoshi hatches in the Mario game. If interacted with, it will bounce and yell. It can only be obtained by transferring 1,000 points in the TNPS.
  • Triple Shells - Three Koopa shells spinning around in a circle. It cannot be interacted with. It can only be obtained by transferring 800 points in the TNPS.

Matching Wall and Floor[]

Item Name Buy Price Sell Price Available From Group
Mushroom Mural - 256 Download -
Block Floor - 256 Download -
  • Block Flooring - Brick-patterned carpet that repeats the same pattern in a tile fashion.
  • Mushroom Mural - Repeating pattern of clouds and trees, reminiscent of the old-school Mario levels.

Matching Wall and Floor: City Folk[]

Item Name Buy Price Sell Price Available From Group
Mushroom Mural - 256 Present -
Block Floor - 256 Present -



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