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A market with a rotating selection of shops. You can also get help from Isabelle here.

Market Place (こもれび広場, Komorebi Hiroba?, Komorebi Area) is a new location added in Pocket Camp where players can visit shops and buy items for themselves or their campers. Each shop has 3 items on display each day, and only 2 shops can be in the Market Place at one time. Therefore, items and shops rotate daily. Shops change 4 times a day, every six hours.


Nookling Global

Run by Timmy and Tommy, where the player can buy non-craftable furniture for their camper. It is the only store to not rotate location during the day, changing only what is sold.

Able Sisters To Go

Run by Mabel, Sable, and Labelle, where clothes and accessories can be purchased for the player. Mabel runs the clothing department, while Labelle sells accessories.


Run by Kicks, who sells shoes, boots, and socks for the player.

In other languages

Market Place
Language Name
Japan Japanese こもれび広場 Komorebi Hiroba, Komorebi Area
France French Place du marché
Spain Spanish Mercado
Germany German Markt
Italy Italian Piazza Mercato
China Chinese 林荫广场 林蔭廣場
South Korea Korean 햇살 광장