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The megacerops is a three-part fossil that can be donated to the museum in New Leaf and New Horizons and can be collected by Happy Home Handbook in Happy Home Designer. In some localizations of the game, the megacerops is called brontotherium; scientifically, the names are synonymous. Its Japanese name was changed to the equivalent of "megacerops" in New Horizons.

Donation to the museum[]

In New Leaf[]

In New Leaf, a plaque by the display offers information about the fossil instead of Blathers.

"The megacerops was a mammalian grazer with a Y-shaped horn on its nose. It is a distant relative of the rhinoceros, which the horn helps give away. Its main source of food was soft grass, but climate change caused this food source to disappear. Ultimately, without a source of fresh food, megacerops joined other creatures in extinction."

In New Horizons[]

Upon donation to the museum or selecting "Tell me more about this!", Blathers will say:

"This large fellow was a bit like our modern rhinoceros, but with two horns on its nose! Sadly, their small teeth restricted them to a diet of rather soft plants, and eventually they died out. I feel there is a valuable lesson to be had about learning to enjoy a variety of foods..."

The megacerops can be found in the third room of the fossil exhibit, suggesting it shares a recent common ancestor with rhino villagers, despite the fact that in reality, Megacerops was more closely related to horses.

As a furniture item[]

Name HRA Points Feng Shui Genre Size (sq)
Megacero Skull ? Brown (x2) Quirky 4
Megacero Torso ? Brown (x2) Quirky 4
Megacero Tail ? Brown (x2) Quirky 4


Further Information[]

Main article: Megacerops on Wikipedia

The Megacerops is an extinct genus of ungulate. It lived about 38-33.9 million years ago in North America, especially across modern-day Nebraska and South Dakota. Despite sharing several physical similarities which rhinoceroses, the Megacerops was closely related to horses.

In other languages[]

Language Name Translation
Japan Japanese ブロントテリウム Burontoteriumu NL
メガセロプス Megaseropusu NH
France French Brontotherium -
Spain Spanish Brontoterio -
Germany German Megacerops -
Italy Italian Brontoterio -
The Netherlands Dutch -
Russia Russian Бронтотерий Brontoteriy -
China Chinese 巨角犀 jùjiǎoxī -
South Korea Korean 브론토테륨 Beurontoteryum -

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