M megaphone.pngF megaphone.png The Megaphone is a tool in the Animal Crossing series, making its first appearance in New Leaf. It uses voice recognition by using the microphone on the 3DS to call villagers and characters in the town, helping the player to find them.


In New Leaf, if the player uses the megaphone near the villager they are calling for, they may appear shocked and head in the direction of the player. If it is used right next to a lazy, normal, Sisterly, or smug villager, they may become sad. If used near a jock, peppy, snooty, or cranky villager, they may become angry due to the unnecessary use of the megaphone. If this is done to special characters, they will say "hi" to the player via emotion.

The megaphone will not work if the villager that is being called is inside a building. If the player does it, the caption will be "No reply... Maybe they aren't nearby?". It will also not work during local or online play. The player cannot use the Megaphone in Main Street.

It can also be used to wake up Gulliver if he is found on the beach. The player must be near Gulliver for him to respond. If the player calls Gulliver's name while away from the beach, it will say, "No response" if he is awake, he will say, "Oy?! Yeah?!".

In New Horizons, all it does is play a small animation of the player.


In New Leaf, the megaphone can be obtained by purchasing it at one of the Nookling Stores for 500 Bells, excluding Nookling Junction.

In New Horizons, it was available through January 15th to February 15th and was on the Nook Shopping app.

Replies to Megaphone (New Leaf only)


  • Who called me?
  • Did someone call me?
  • Hey! I'm over here!


  • What's up? Who's calling?
  • Yo! Who's calling me?


  • "Oy! Over here!"
  • "Someone call me?"
  • Oy! You called?


  • "Who is it?"
  • "Who's there?"


  • "Come this way!"
  • "Follow my voice!"


  • "Hi! I'm here."
  • "Huh? Who's calling me?"
  • "Hello! Someone callin' me?"
  • "Yeah, yeah. Who is it?"


  • "Who's there?"
  • "I hear a voice!"
  • "What? Who is it?"


  • Yeah, yeah! Who is it?
  • Hey! I'm over here!
  • Hello! Someone calling me?




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