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The Mermaid Series (マーメイドシリーズ, Maameido Shiriizu, Mermaid) is a series of furniture introduced in New Leaf.

The series consists of classically designed furniture using marine designs. The base of each item is mostly pale blue, with pale pink bed covers, lampshades and pale pink surrounding the pale blue color. Each item also has a starfish or shell placed upon it. The matching wallpaper consists of a pink background, with purple shells and turquoise spirals resembling pillars. The matching carpet uses pale blue for a base color, with rock shapes incorporated into the design using a pink, violet, indigo and blue colors, each outlined in a darker shade.

Diana owns the mermaid lamp and screen. Rhonda has the mermaid lamp and the mermaid shelf. Nana owns the mermaid sofa and lamp. Étoile has the mermaid vanity and shelf. Chrissy has the mermaid shelf.

It should be noted that the only place where the Mermaid Series furniture is sold is on the island, available to the player after three days. The cost of each item is typically 40 medals, though there are home decor items available from Nook's for bells. The mermaid series can't be ordered again so they are rare.

Main article: Mermaid Series (New Horizons)

The Mermaid Series makes a return in New Horizons with revamped designs as the DIY Mermaid Series. The recipes can be obtained from Pascal after exchanging the player for a Scallop once a day.

There's a total of 11 furniture items, along with the mermaid wall, flooring and rug. No items in the series are customizable, where only the dress and shoes come in different variations. There's a total of 21 items.

Furniture Items

Name Buy Price Sell Price Available From Size (sq) Info Display


Mermaid Lamp 40 Medals - Island 1 Lighting No
Mermaid Bed  40 Medals - Island 2 Bed No
Mermaid Sofa 40 Medals - Island 2 Chair No
Mermaid Chair 40 Medals - Island 1 Chair No
Mermaid Vanity 40 Medals - Island 1 - No
Mermaid Shelf 40 Medals - Island 2 Shelf No
Mermaid Dresser 40 Medals - Island 1 Storage No
Mermaid Clock 40 Medals - Island 1 space on the


Clock No
Mermaid Screen 40 Medals - Island 2 - No
Mermaid Closet  40 Medals - Island 1 Storage No
Mermaid Table 40 Medals - Island 2 Table 2

Note: All are raised to 48 Medals if the player has the Wealthy Town ordinance in effect.

Matching Wall and Floor

Name Buy Price Sell Price Available From
Mermaid Carpet 40 Medals - Island
Mermaid Wallpaper 40 Medals - Island

Home Modifications

In addition to the furniture sold for Medals on the island, there are home modifications available from Tom Nook in exchange for bells.

Name Buy Price Available From
Mermaid Door 4,000 Bells Nook's Homes
Arched Mermaid Door 4,000 Bells Nook's Homes
Mermaid Mail Box 4,000 Bells Nook's Homes
Blue Mermaid Fence 3,500 Bells Nook's Homes
Pink Mermaid Fence 3,500 Bells Nook's Homes
Mermaid Roof 5,600 Bells Nook's Homes
Mermaid Exterior 5,600 Bells Nook's Homes


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