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Hello and welcome to my message wall. Please leave a comment if you liked my page, needed to ask something about the wiki, or wanted to know where I got my hat from.

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  • Hello ! First of all, I need to introduce myself : I'm one of the two ACW France's administrators.

    As you probably know, the last edition of the Nintendo Direct announced the next AC game for 2019. With this occasion, Animal Crossing Wiki France thought of organizing a contest based on creating new, fanmade villagers that candidates would like to see in the next game.
    However, we've decided to grow some ambition, so that we could submit the winning proposals straight to Nintendo, and the winners may see their character appear in the new installment, as Pietro, Penelope, Merengue and Lucha did in New Leaf.

    That's why we've decided to make it an interational Animal Crossing event, in order to get the largest amount of proposals and be more likely to reach Nintendo. We've contacted the different Animal Crossing wikis and our French partners to promote the contest. We may also try to get to French-speaking Youtube videasts that could help with promoting the initiative.

    Submitting the proposals would be done using a dedicated email adress, presenting the proposals on a yet-to-be-defined website, and public voting would take place on a Doodle.

    Winning proposals would then be transmitted to Nintedo via Twitter or other means of communication.

    Il you find the idea interesting, all we ask you to do is promoting this contest with the following rules :

    • Unlimited proposals by candidate, but no more that two proposals of a same candidate can win.
    • 3 to 7 winners via public vote (to be decided according to the overall number of proposals)
    • 2 to 3 winners via jury decision (to be decided according to the overall number of proposals)
    • Many types of creations accepted (hand-drawn, photomontage, with a graphics tablet, 3D models, cuttings, play-doh, homemade figurines, …).
    • No pixel-art.
    • Resolution of the image must be 500*850px tops, except for new species (see below).
    • Must be in color (in case of black and white character, please specify it)
    • .png and .jpg formats only.
    • .gif can be accepted if they're animated and show the character in different angles.
    • If multiple proposals : one character per image, except new species (see below).

    About the character itself:

    • No adult-only references, no references to other brands than Nintedo.
    • No obscene, gory proposals.
    • No hateful, sterotypical or discriminating proposals.
    • No writings on the characters themselves.
    • No characters from a special-character-only species.
    • Must be fully visible on a single image.
    • Gender and name in the candidate's own language must be added (personnality is optionnal – no fanmade personnalities)

    If a new species is created :

    • Name of the species must be precised
    • No fictional species, no humans, spiders, insects, worms...
    • Different members of a same species are to be presented on a single image that can be over 500*850px.
    • At least a male and a female representative.
    • If several proposals of a same new species totalize enough points to win together, they'll be reunited and counted as a single winning proposal.

    If you wish so, in order to simplify your work, we could write a common message of announcement then translate it and sent it to you. Then you only have to modify it to fit the editorial line of the Wiki if necessary, post it and pin it. If you agree to promote this contest, this message will be sent to you in the following days.
    The announcements about the contest (end of the proposals' submission, opening and closing of the voting period, ...) would follow the same system of a standard message that you could edit.

    Regarding the jury:

    If the number of proposals allows it, we'd like the idea of ​​a special jury to highlight proposals that stand out for their aesthetics or their originality, but were not deemed successful by public voting. This jury would be composed of at least six members, all from the Wikia community:

    • Two French-speaking members.
    • Two English-speaking members (should the English AC Wiki agree).
    • Two Spanish-speaking members (should the Spanish AC Wiki agree).

    If this proposal sounds right to you, we will ask you to submit potential jurors.

    Role of the jury:

    After public votes are closed, the jurors must individually mark out of 20 each of the remaining proposals according to the following scale:

    • Eight points on originality.
    • Eight points on aesthetics.
    • Four on the general appreciation.

    Aditionnaly, each juror will have to define his “favourites”, that is to say 3 proposals that he/she has particularly appreciated.
    The average juror's score for each villager will be calculated and increased by one point per “favourite” received. Villagers with the best average will therefore be considered winners in the same way than those chosen by the public were.

    Looking forward to your answer.
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    • It's an interesting idea for sure, but I'm not so sure on how to go about executing it...You said that Pietro, Penelope, Merengue and Lucha were fan submitted villagers, but was this done through an official competition or was it simply just people submitting their designs to Nintendo on twitter? I'm just a bit hesitant on whether it's worth all the effort. Also, idk how many people would enter, the acwiki communities are kinda dead at the moment, but if you say you can reach partners and youtubers to promote this then maybe...

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  • I can't edit it myself, so I'm just gonna link it to you.

    This page for the Eagle villager Pierce has your username as it's title, instead of the villager's name.

    Sorry if this is trouble, I hope it can get fixed.

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  • Hello! It it’s been several months now since I talked to you guys about Portable Infoboxes, & I wanted to see if your thoughts have changed since then.

    When we design these Portable Infoboxes, we try to make sure that there aren’t dramatic visual changes. The transition is usually smoother when everything isn’t different all at once. We’re replacing the proverbial engine, not the body style. The end result being templates that are easy to maintain & redesign as you see fit, & since I’d be handling the conversion for you, you wouldn’t have to do anything. If it looks exactly the way it was, & it makes templating easier on your end, why not convert?

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    this should be in Discussions, more suitable than one person's message wall
    18:57, July 2, 2018
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    • Go away.

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    • That's not a very helpful way to welcome community members, nor FANDOM Staff that host your community. If we're trying to improve your infrastructure, and that involves no compromises to you, is there a real reason to try sending us away?

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  • Where did you get your cool hat?


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  • I would like to be unbanned from chat. Do you have any evidence that I ran bot scripts? If not, then please unblock me.

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  • Awww happy late birthday

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  • Here to wish you all the best in yet another year. You deserve it! I am very grateful for our friendship.

    Balloon (New Leaf icon)

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  • I am alive. I never died. Just wanted to let ya know that. Have not been active because i have been very busy.

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  • Something i have been wanting to tell you for so long it is unreal and will make you so upset.I will admit it now me and todd work together. the last couple of days we were planning on removing the tom nook page and deleting all of you from the wikia we also were planning on something awesome and it was













    April fools and happy easter :)

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  • Can i join the discord please? I finally made one and was wondering if I could.

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