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  • Hi, noticed you added chic rose crown to the DIY recipes page, under snooty villagers. The crown is obtainable from any villagers, not just snooty, and was already in the "any" table on that page. The list of those recipes is complete already, and it's unlikely Nintendo will add more personality-dependent recipes in the future.

    In fact, all the recipes from the game already have accurate info on the DIY recipes page and the subpages. The data has been pulled from a spreadsheet produced by dataminers. The only things that aren't entirely accurate are the pictures, some use storage icons some DIY previews, plus there could be formatting issues here and there... The only new stuff that needs to be added are any recipes introduced in updates, such as the mermaid recipes (though those have all been added already at this point).

    I've undone your edit.

    It's fine, happens, just thought I'd let you know.

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    • Ha, I must have been completely blind for not seeing that! Maybe need new glasses ...


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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Hi! I recently had to delete the file because a vandal uploaded an inappropriate image. If you could upload it again but with a slightly different name I will surely appreciate it! Thanks!

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  • Hey ah not to be demeaning but is there any reason in particular why you are streamlining house photos for every villager?

    I mean you can do whatever but I was just wondering why exactly you felt the need to or if someone told ya to or whatever :P

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