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  • I live in Cold Island
  • My occupation is playing the musical keyboard and editing wikis
  • I am a male Rare Deedge
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  • Hai qwerty, 

    I saw that you gave me support on my proposal in becoming a rollback. I just wanted to thank you personally and let you know that I appreciate the time you took out of your day. Hope your'e well and your contributions are greatly appreciated! I wish you gl if your'e interested in becoming a rollback in the future, you have my support! The editing process takes time and effort, therefore, I'm glad to see your'e learning as you go. 

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  • hey! I just saw your question on Apollo's gallery page, and here's something that'll hopefully answer your questions!

    The "manual of style" layout for the villager gallery pages go like this:

    Renders > First game the villager appeared in - latest game the villager appeared in > Spinoff games they appeared in > Merchandise

    so, yes, technically Pocket Camp and Happy Home Designer both came BEFORE New Horizons, but the spinoff games get placed after the main series games for sake of design!

    does that answer your question/make any sense? i'm usually not very great at in-depth explanations hah

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