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Wild World[]

This section contains the notes that can be received in-game, with the exception of player-created bottles. The notes are in no particular order.

New Horizons[]

Depending on the villager's personality type, the message will be written on a different card and say different things that reflect on their personality type, and the DIY recipe inside will be different based on the personality type (i.e the golden lucky cat DIY can only be found in message bottles signed by snooty villagers).

(New Horizons) Message bottle quotes[]

Lazy :

  • A weird DIY TV show I watched at 2 a.m. told me to make this. So I did.
  • I was walking around yesterday, picking up a DIY stuff, and I came up with a great recipe!
  • I dreamed that I was an Ultra Super Big-Time Master of DIY! Here's the recipe I made in my dream!
  • I found a recipe in an old dinosaur book I didn't know I still had. The dino's gotta be real mad by now.
  • I did a DIY and got the stuff wrong. So I made this on accident! Man, I tell ya. I'm ALL accidents today!
  • Here's a recipe to DIY yourself a mirror that lets you DIY the way you look! Be the you that you wanna be.

Jock :

  • The other day I was coming up with a new strength routine, when a great DIY idea hit me instead.
  • I was doing my [number] before-bed push-ups and fell asleep and had a terrific dream about a DIY idea.
  • I was figuring what kind of protein shake I wanted for lunch when I had this awesome DIY idea.
  • I had a moment of clarity during a runner's high and came up with the absolute coolest DIY idea!
  • I was pumping iron, super sweaty, when I slipped and a DIY idea (and a weight...) slammed into my head.

Cranky :

  • I was messin' around at the ol' tool bench and I came up with this DIY idea that you're holdin' right now.
  • I set my mind to makin' up the next big thing in DIY recipes, and lo and behold, I'd had this genius idea!
  • I just mighta come up with a DIY recipe that'll change everythin'!
  • I was cleanin' my house and found this old DIY recipe I'd thought up.
  • I was zonin' out in the bathtub when a great DIY idea popped into my head that I had to write down!

Smug :

  • While rereading my diary the other day, I came across this recipe. Ah, I never cease to amaze myself.
  • While taking a stroll on the beach and soaking up that exfoliating salty air, I struck DIY gold!
  • When I first saw the ocean, I just thought, "Wow. That's big." But then I thought of this recipe!
  • Last night I couldn't sleep for a wink. As I just laid there, staring at the moon, BAM! This recipe hit me!

Peppy :

  • I was le relaxing yesterday while reading comics when I thought of this recipe!
  • You know how you get soooo bored during commercials? That's when I came up with this recipe!
  • I thought of this DIY recipe while I was letting loose during dance practice!

Sisterly :

  • I was out gardening, elbow deep in the dirt and face bumping my flowers, when I got this way-cool DIY idea.
  • It turns out great DIY ideas can hit at really inconvenient times. Like juuuuust as I'm falling asleep.
  • I was out doing... whatever I like to (none of your business and who cares?) and got this cool DIY idea.
  • I was reading a letter I got from my dad back home, and something he wrote gave me a solid DIY idea.

Snooty :

  • I can NOT stop thinking about this furniture I saw in a dream! So, I have turned it into a DIY recipe.
  • I've grown weary of run-of-the-mill furniture. So, I have designed a DIY furniture recipe sure to inspire!
  • I was on an aimless stroll when an idea for the most wonderful DIY recipe came to me on the breeze.
  • Would you believe—an amazing DIY recipe simply popped into my mind as I was enjoying a cup of tea!
  • Whilst taking a much-needed hot bath, my mind dreamed up the most fabulous idea for a DIY recipe.

Normal :

  • Our weather was so nice out today that I went for a long walk. On my walk, I thought of this DIY recipe.
  • I was cleaning and found this DIY recipe written on a piece of paper that I'd used as a bookmark.
  • Sometimes good ideas come from unexpected places. I came up with a new way of crafting a mirror that I hope works just as well for you.
  • I thought up this DIY recipe while I was waiting for my oven to heat up. Why does that take so long?
  • I found this DIY recipe written in my dream journal this morning. I don't remember writing it down...
  • This new DIY recipe was inspired by a scene in a novel I'm reading right now and really enjoying.