ミラコ Mirako
Mira HD
"Always help a friend in need."
Gender Personality Species
Female Uchi Rabbit
Birthday July 6th (Cancer)
Initial phrase cottontail
Flag of Italy small baffoplà
Initial clothes Red-Zap Suit
Home request A futuristic space
Skill Telling jokes
Goal Makeup artist
Coffee Kilimanjaro,
A little bit of milk,
One spoonful of sugar
Style Rock 'n' roll
Favorite song K.K. Tango
Appearances NL, HHD
Regional names Flag of France small Grisette
Flag of Germany small Mira
Flag of Spain Amparo
Flag of Italy small Martina

You can wear it and show me how to make it look good! Thanks for the delivery! Cottontail!
― Mira, after successfully delivering her a present from another villager and receiving clothes from her, New Leaf
Mira (ミラコ, Mirako?) is an uchi rabbit villager in the Animal Crossing series. Her catchphrase "cottontail" is referencing a rabbit's tail, as it is often soft in touch. She is the only rabbit so far with an uchi personality. Her appearance could be a reference to Minako Aino, also known as Sailor Venus, from the famous anime and manga series Sailor Moon.


Mira is a yellow rabbit with blue ears and a red, superhero-mask pattern on her face. She has wide-open, turquoise eyes with yellow eyelashes, a black nose, and a smiling mouth, surrounded in pink lipstick. She has red markings on her arms and legs that look similar to gloves and boots, as well as a blue tail and a red patch on the back of her head, resembling a "Pow!" sign. She has an overall superhero theme to her appearance, also shown by her initial shirt, a Red-Zap Shirt.


Below is a brief description of the uchi personality. For more information, click here.
Mira is an uchi ("big sister") villager. When befriended, she will give the player fighting tips and teach them ways to relax. Mira will also give the player medicine if they are stung by a bee. Like all uchi villagers Mira is tough, but she will still care deeply about her appearance. Mira has a tendency to stay up very late at night. It is easy to get her picture since developing friendships with uchi villagers is simple due to her caring and protective nature.

Mira will treat the player with respect and will even offer to fight off anyone giving the player trouble. Mira may get along with jock villagers who share her love of sports, lazy villagers for how laid-back they are, and peppy villagers. However, she may conflict with snooty and cranky villagers, who spread rumors about others, and she may have trouble getting along with normal villagers.

Quotes(Happy Home Designer)

When visited:

  1. "You ain't never seen moves like mine, cottontail!"
  2. "Yeah, I'm pretty happy with my place. It's kinda like a secret lair, except everyone can see it."
  3. "I don't really spend too much time cleaning house. This girl's gotta be ready in case any bad guys show up."
  4. "You're looking a little tired there, dude. Not trying to be rude or anything. Just sayin'."
  5. "Hope you're stayin' outta trouble there, dude. 'Cause trouble has a way of finding me, and it's no good. It's like I'm playing hide-and-seek with trouble, but I'm not a very good hider."
  6. "The key to feeling safe in your home is to have a good exit strategy. Like, say some bad dudes bust in the front door. You gotta be ready to jump out a window!"
  7. "I can feel muscle I didn't even know I had! Yeah, muscles!"
  8. "You and me could make a pretty tough gang, [Player]. I mean, we're not necessarily gonna start any trouble... but we sure gotta be ready for it, dude!"
  9. "This is MY turf. But you can hang out here if you want, [Player]."
  10. "Yeah, this is a great spot for hangin' around lookin' tough."


Mira has a secret base style house, with many Astro items. She has almost the entire Astro Series, including the TV, the bed, the closet, the CD player, the dresser, the chair, and the table, which displays a makeup case. Mira also owns a spherical radar, which adds to the secret base theme. Her Astro CD Player plays K.K. Tango. Her wallpaper is the Astro Wall, and her flooring is the Astro Floor.

Mirako house Mira's House
New Leaf New Leaf (Exterior)

amiibo Card

amiibo Card
Amiibo card back
#355 Mira
Type Rabbit
Star sign Cancer
Birthday 7/6
Roll value 1
Hand sign Paper
Request A futuristic space
Amiibo 355 Mira
354 Walt #355 Mira 356 Pietro



  • She often replaces the g in words like "looking" to an apostrophe.

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