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In City Folk and New Leafclothing comes in different styles - "Modern" is one of those styles. Below is a list of all of the modern apparel.


Modern Headgear Location Price
Cloche Hat GracieGrace 4 800
Gracie Hat GracieGrace 8 000


Modern Accessories Location Price
Oval Shades Able Sisters 1 200
Gracie Glasses GracieGrace 6 000


Modern Tops Location Price
Airy Tee Able Sisters 420
Blue Diamond Shirt Able Sisters 372
Blue Diamond Tee Able Sisters 372
Blue Plaid Tee Able Sisters 360
Blue Retro Dress Able Sisters 720
Brown-Bar Shirt GracieGrace 5 000
Brown-Bar Tee GracieGrace 5 000
Cool Tank GracieGrace 5 200
Crewel Tee Able Sisters 380
Dark Polka Shirt Able Sisters 420
Dark Polka Tee Able Sisters 352
Go-Go Shirt Able Sisters 360
Gracie Tank GracieGrace 6 200
Grape-Stripe Shirt Able Sisters 420
Grape-Stripe Tee Able Sisters 320
Jade Plaid Shirt Able Sisters 360
Jade Plaid Tee Able Sisters 360
Night-Sky Tee Able Sisters 420
Swell Shirt Able Sisters 400
Swell Tee Able Sisters 400


Modern Bottoms Location Price
Dark Polka Skirt Able Sisters 480


Modern Footwear Location Price
Clogs Kicks 480
Stripe Shoes GracieGrace 4 000