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A money rock (alternatively Bell rock) is a term given to a specific rock that generates Bells when struck with a Shovel or Axe. Once a day a random existing rock in the town becomes a money rock, and similar to the Glowing Spot in GCN games serves as a quick daily method of obtaining Bells.

Bell rocks are not distinguishable from regular rocks, and are not identified until the rock has been struck at which point it turns bright red and gradually fades to normal in the N64 and GameCube games or shakes in the later games. Each strike of the rock within this timer will generate a bell bag, the value of which rises with each successive hit or series of hits depending on the game. Once the rock has returned to normal it loses its Bell-generating capabilities. The maximum possible hits on a rock is eight, which fills the entire square around the rock if no items are blocking the spaces.

Any bugs hidden in rocks, for instance pill bugs, will not show up while a rock has bell capabilities, and must be discovered after the rock has returned to normal.


Hitting the rock for its full total requires prior planning before striking the rock for the first time. In all games this involves digging two diagonally-aligned holes placed at any of the 4 corners around the rock. If the player then stands between these 2 holes and the rock then recoil is minimal. This setup enables consistent rock striking without the risk of digging holes or being pushed out of range.

In Animal Crossing[]

In Animal Crossing, the rock will yield a maximum of 13,300 Bells as three sacks of 100, three sacks of 1,000, and one sack of 10,000.

In Wild World[]


Animation of the player using the rock while preventing knockback by digging holes in Wild World

In Wild World, the rock in the player's town will release up to 8,500 Bells as sacks of 100, 200, 400, 800, 1,000, 2,000, 4,000 Bells, in that order. High levels of yellow feng shui may allow for an additional 8,000 Bell bag to appear.

In City Folk[]

In City Folk, the money that comes out is different. The order goes: 100, 200, 300, 500, 1,000, 2,000 and finally 4,000. The silver shovel multiplies a random bag of money by 2. It has a 10% chance of happening. It has been proven that high yellow feng shui (over 73 yellow feng shui count) means that an 8,000 Bells bag will appear. If the two are combined, that's up to 24,100 Bells.

In New Leaf[]


A money rock with all Bells spawned

In New Leaf, the rock usually yields a maximum total of 16,100 Bells. The Bell value rises with every hit, from 100 to 200, 300, 500, 1,000, 2,000, 4,000, and finally 8,000 Bells. If struck by the Silver Shovel, the Money Rock may sometimes produce Ore instead of Bells. If the player has good Luck in wealth, the pattern may start at 200, resulting in a total of 32,000 Bells. If the player has bad Luck in wealth, the final Bell bag may fail to appear.


. . . . .
. R P H .
. . H . .
. . . . .

or (for extra space for the feng shui bag)

. . . . .
. R . . .
. . P H .
. . H . .
. . . . .

R: Rock
P: Player
( . ): Empty Space
H: Hole/Feature

In New Horizons[]

In New Horizons, the money rock returns. In New Horizons, the money rock's Bell-generation mechanics remain exactly the same as it does in New Leaf, but without the aspect of good luck mechanics. However, each successful hit on a money rock consumes one unit of tool degradation for the shovel or axe, for up to 8 times for the maximum number of hits.

Therefore, a total of 31,900 Bells worth of Bell bags can be generated on a fully farmed money rock.



  • In all versions, every bag spouted after the fourth bag/coin will play the "1-Up" noise from the Mario series.