This article is about the deep-sea creature in New Horizons. For the fish and diving obstacle featured in previous installments, see Jellyfish.
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Moon jellyfish Gallery

"I got a moon jellyfish! Now to find a sun peanutbutterfish." —New Horizons

The moon jellyfish is a benthic creature introduced in New HorizonsDiving is the only way it can be obtained.

Donation to the museum

In New Horizons

Upon donation or selecting "Tell me more about this!", Blathers the curator will say:

"Ah, the moon jellyfish...what's not to love about this pretty floating flower of the sea... Well, I suppose its tentacles do give a sting when touched...but it's only a mild thing to the likes of us. Other creatures may not be so fond of this translucent beauty. Though who can blame them, really? Moon jellyfish have stinging cells called cnidocytes that kill fish and other small critters that float by. And they use their "oral arms" to pull these morsels into their mouths and stomachs. Indeed, one need but observe the moon jellyfish to see how brutal AND beautiful nature can be."

Capture Quotes

"I got a moon Jellyfish! Now to find a sun peanutbutterfish." —New Horizons

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"I got a moon jellyfish! Now to find a sun peanutbutterfish."
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