Moray eel
ウツボ Utsubo
#59 #56 #59
Location Price
Ocean and Island 2,000 Bells
Size Shadow size
34.95 in. 88 cm Very Large
Time of year Time of day
June to October All day
Scientific name Gymnothorax kidako
Family Muraenidae - Moray eels
Appearances CF, NL
Rarity Uncommon (★★★)
Regional names Flag of France small Murène
Flag of Spain Morena
Flag of Italy small Murena
Flag of Germany small Muräne
"I caught a moray eel! And I was like, "No way! Deal!"" —New Leaf

The moray eel (ウツボ, Utsubo?) is a uncommon fish introduced in City Folk. It is yellow with a brown top and tail. It sells for as much as its freshwater counterpart at 2,000 Bells.

The fish has a very large shadow when in the water which is the same as the sea bass. It can mainly be found in the waters around the New Leaf island, though rarely it is found in the village's ocean.

Donation to the museum

In City Folk

Upon donation to the Museum, Blathers says:

"The moray eel has a reputation as the gangster of the deeps, eh wot? But in actuality... It's quite the scaredy-pants and rarely strays from the home it makes between large rocks. If one doesn't start any trouble, one won't find any trouble. Such is the philosophy of the moray. It's rather universal, wot? The stronger one is, the more one understands the value of avoiding trouble..."

In New Leaf

In New Leaf, an information board in the aquarium will give information about this fish.

"Moray eels can often be seen sticking just their heads out from between two rocks. When unsuspecting prey approaches, the dart out to snatch it up into their sharp-toothed mouths. Once moray eels have their teeth in you, it's hard to get away, making moray-eel bites no trifling matter. Their long, finless bodies are covered in tough, snakelike skin that often gets used as leather."

In the museum, this fish appears in the back tank, under a rock. It occasionally pokes its head out.

Capture quotes

"I caught a moray eel! Now that's a moray!" —City Folk

Encyclopedia information

City Folk

Encyclopedia Information
Moray Eel (City Folk)
"These natural enemies of the octopus hide in the rocks in the shallow sea."
Size About 32 inches
Habitat Ocean
Season Summer-Fall

New Leaf

Encyclopedia Information
"I caught a moray eel! And I was like, "No way! Deal!""
Size About 32 inches
Habitat Ocean
Season Summer-Fall


Further information


A real moray eel.

The Animal Crossing series series moray, can be found in shallow Pacific waters off the coast of Japan in reality. The approximately 200 species in 15 genera are almost exclusively marine, but several species are regularly seen in brackish water, and a few, for example the freshwater moray can sometimes be found in fresh water. The body is generally patterned. In some species, the inside of the mouth is also patterned. Their jaws are wide, framing a protruding snout. Most possess large teeth used to tear flesh or grasp slippery prey items.

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