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The motherly statue (ぼせいあふれるちょうこく, boseiahureruchoukoku?, sculpture of bursting mother nature) is a statue that appears in the Animal Crossing series. It makes its debut in New Leaf and is available for purchase at Crazy Redd's and can be collected by Happy Home Handbook in Happy Home Designer. In New Horizons, the sculpture can be donated to the museum and be added to the art gallery. As this sculpture can be bought from Jolly Redd's Treasure Trawler, players should keep in mind that they may be purchasing a forgery.

The Capitoline Wolf is a bronze sculpture of a she-wolf suckling twin infants, inspired by the legend of the founding of Rome. According to the legend, when Numitor, grandfather of the twins Romulus and Remus, was overthrown by his brother Amulius, the usurper ordered the twins to be cast into the Tiber River. They were rescued by a she-wolf who cared for them until a herdsman, Faustulus, found and raised them.

Statue information[]

Item Name Buy Price Sell Price Available From
Motherly statue (New Leaf) Motherly statue 3,920 Bells 490 Bells Crazy Redd
Motherly statue (Happy Home Designer) Happy Home Handbook
Motherly statue (New Horizons) 4,980 Bells 1,245 Bells Jolly Redd's Treasure Trawler

Donation to the museum[]

After donating it to the museum, a museum label will give a description of the sculpture. In New Horizons, the museum label reads:

Capitoline Wolf
Artist Unknown, 5th century BCE

This wolf from Roman mythology raises a pair of twins, along with some controversy. The original bronze sculpture of the wolf is a masterpiece that dates back to 5th century BCE. The twins were added during the 15th century...or so it was thought. Recent research has given rise to speculation that the original piece may be from the 11th or 12th century. (We will, however, stick with the 5th century BCE estimate for now.)


In New Leaf and Happy Home Designer[]

The forged statue has one child, while the real statue has two children
Statue Motherly Forged
Statue Motherly Real

In New Horizons[]

The forged statue has its tongue sticking out, whereas the genuine one does not
NH-Art-Sculpture-Motherly statue (fake)
NH-Art-Sculpture-Motherly statue (genuine)

In Happy Home Designer[]

After Day 9 in game, go to the saving place and sit down at your desk. Pick the "Study the handbook" option, you can complete "Art Collection" lesson with 1 play coins. It adds 33 pieces of artworks and 22 forgeries to your collection.

Further Information[]

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