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DUDE! MY FACE! Not cool, <player>, I saw that look in your eye, you're totally enjoying this, cagey!
― Mott after getting hit with a net, City Folk

I'm looking for clothes that can contain my massive muscles!
― Mott in Able Sisters, New Leaf

Mott (リック, Rikku?, Rick) is a jock lion villager in the Animal Crossing series. His name may be a reference to the 70's band Mott the Hoople, who later reformed under the name British Lions. His initial phrase is a play on the word "cage", the enclosures lions are commonly kept in at zoos. He has the fitness hobby.


Mott in City Folk

Mott is a bright-yellow lion with an auburn mane and a goatee at the bottom of his chin. He has freckles on his face and his eyes are closed with two small lowered eyebrows, the same color as his mane. His hands, nose, feet, and the insides of his ears are are beige-colored. He's also one of the few villagers to wear an accessory in their default appearance, a pair of reading glasses.


Below is a brief description of the jock personality. For more information, click here.

Mott has a jock personality and has a great interest in sports and bodybuilding. Jock villagers are hyperactive and motivated, but often come across as self-centered and dense. As a jock villager, Mott is very interested in his hobby, and may compete against the player at catching bugs and fish. Jock villagers get along with peppy, cranky and sisterly villagers, but conflict with the laid-back lifestyle of lazy villagers. Snooty villagers may also be difficult to get along with for Mott.


In City Folk, his house has a bathroom theme, with two wash basins, a bath tub, and two showers, from the same theme. He also has a gyroid. Mott plays Marine Song 2001 when given a stereo.

In New Leaf, Mott's house has furniture from a variety of series, but overall resembles a simple house or dorm room. From the Sloppy series, he has a sloppy sofa, sloppy TV, sloppy clock, and a sloppy stereo that plays Marine Song 2001. He also has a kotatsu, sink, refrigerator, cactus, bilboquet, corkboard, vacuum cleaner, and a cardboard table with a round mini cactus. For wallpaper, he uses the dirt-clod wall, and for flooring, he uses the planked tatami.

In New Horizons, Mott's house resembles a college dorm room, matching the outfit he wears in the game, a college cardigan. It includes a study desk, wastebasket, and a wall calendar. He also has multiple items from the Wooden set in the Dark Wood variation, including a bookshelf, end table, double bed, and chest. An old-fashioned alarm clock is placed on the end table. The exterior of his house has a dark red roof, a yellow vertical-panes door, and yellow walls with a gold brick foundation.

NL Mott House.png NL Mott House Ext.jpg
New Leaf (interior) New Leaf (exterior)
NH Mott House.jpg NH Mott House Ext.png
New Horizons (interior) New Horizons (exterior)

amiibo Card

amiibo Card[1]
Amiibo card back.png
#320 Mott
Type Lion
Star sign Cancer
Birthday 7/10
Roll value 4
Hand sign Scissors
Request A physicist's office
Amiibo 320 Mott.png
319 Pinky #320 Mott 321 Mallary


  • Mott is the only lion present in City Folk onwards to have a star sign other than Leo.
  • Mott shares the same birthday as Toby. They share a birthday on July 10th.

In other languages

Language Name
Japan Japanese リック Rikku
France French Aimé
Spain Spanish Jones
Germany German Leonhard
Italy Italian Leopold
The Netherlands Dutch Mott
China Chinese 李克 Lǐkè
South Korea Korean Rin


  1. Species navigation icons from Nookipedia by Sunmarsh, CC BY-SA 3.0


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