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"I caught a mountain stag beetle! That's a mean looking jaw!" —Animal Crossing

The mountain stag beetle (ミヤマクワガタ, Miyama-kuwagata?) is an uncommon bug only found in Animal Forest and in Animal Crossing. They are found on trees, and can be sold for 2,000 Bells. It is very similar to the Flat Stag Beetle and Saw Stag Beetle, but is wider and has a distinctive dent where the wings join the rest of the body.

In Japanese, the beetle's name is Miyama-kuwagata, which can be translated as Miyama Stag, or "deep mountain beetle." This suggests that the Miyama Stag was not new to the Animal Crossing series when it appeared in City Folk. Whether or not it is the exact same species remains uncertain, however, as both Lucanus maculifermoratus and Miyama spp. (both known collectively as Miyama Stags) are similar.

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Japanese Quotes

「やったー! ミヤマクワガタを つかまえた! かぁっくいぃーい!」 —Animal Forest

"I did it! I caught a mountain stag beetle! How gorge-ous!" (translation)

「やったー! ミヤマクワガタを つかまえた! くーっ、このアゴのラインが なんともいえない!!」 —Animal Forest e+

"I did it! I caught a mountain stag beetle! Wow, its jawline is incredible!" (translation)

Further information[]

In Japan this and many other stag beetles are commonly seen at insect fairs, dead or alive. Hobbyists are known to keep such beetles as pets, where keeping the temperature around 20 degrees Celsius is normally the only difficulty in breeding them.

Like many other nocturnal species, it is attracted to light sources and is often found in cities and urban environments.

This beetle is not the same as Lucanus hermani, the "Mountain Stag Beetle". The name "Mountain Beetle" being applied to this species seems to have been the result of literal translation, as Miyama-kuwagata translates to "deep mountain beetle".

In other languages[]

Mountain stag beetle
Language Name Translation
Japan Japanese ミヤマクワガタ Miyama-kuwagata -
Spain Spanish Escarabajo atlas -


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