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A player visiting another player.

Visiting is when the player visits another player's town. It can also be classed as visiting if a villager asks the player to come over or if they can come to the player's house.

Visiting Villagers[]

The player can visit other villagers' houses as long as they are home. When the player visits, sometimes the villager will ask them if they like their house or sometimes talk about the HRA. If the player sends them items, when they visit their house, they will most likely have that item in their house. If the player really wants an item from a villager's house, they can send the villager an item they same type as one in their house, then they may replace it with the item the player sent them. The player can check in the recycle bin for it after the item has been replaced.

Villagers Visiting[]

Bluebear visiting in

Bluebear, a peppy villager in the player's house.

Sometimes while having a conversation, a villager will say the player's house is too small or will ask the player about the HRA points. Sometimes, they will even ask if they can visit the player's home. The player can schedule a time to visit, but the scheduled time must at least 30 minutes out, or the villager will complain and ask for a later time. However, in New Leaf, a villager may request to see a player's house without setting a time, the player can choose either to accept it or decline it. If it is accepted, the villager will then follow the player to their house. Also in New Leaf, it is also possible for a villager to walk into the player's house unexpectedly. The player must be in their house at the time of the visit.

Once they are inside the player's house, the player can talk to the villager. They will usually respond by rating the house room out of five stars and giving the player some tips, or the villager will just have a normal conversation with the player. In New Leaf, if the player continues to talk to them repeatedly, they will often say something along the lines of: "Oh, I almost forgot! Here's a little something for you! Hope you like it!" and will produce a gift, normally a piece of furniture. Sometimes they will say that immediately they saw it and that they thought of the player. The villager may also make a comment on the furniture in the room, although this usually depends on the villager's personality as well as the furniture. After a couple of minutes, the villager will leave. If the player is in another room of the house and the villager enters the house the villager will call for the player and wait for them to come to the door. However, if the player ignores them they will eventually think nobody is home and leave the house.

Surprise Visit

Bonbon making a surprise visit to the player's house in New Leaf.

Players Visiting Other Towns[]

Players visiting each other had its first appearance in Wild World and soon went on into future Animal Crossing games. When players are visiting each other they can fish, do bug-catching, chat with each other, or shop in the stores.

If a player wants to visit a close-by town, they must talk to Copper (Wild World and City Folk) or Porter (New Leaf only) and select the "local" option. Before doing this, the player must tell them whether they want to invite a friend or leave their town to visit another town. On both options they will open the gate: on the "invite friends" option they will open the gates and the player will be allowed to leave the town gate open whilst waiting for their friend(s), whereas on the "leave your town" option they will open the gates and will search for another town with open gates. City Folk multiplayer has been officially taken offline. Wild World online has been shut down also. New Leaf Multiplayer is still up and running at the moment.


If players want to visit a town over the internet the players must first have each other's Friend Codes. If a player is visiting a town the player must talk to Copper (Wild World and City Folk), Porter (New Leaf) or Orville (New Horizons). The player then selects the Wi-Fi option and select, "Visiting another town". Copper or Porter will then search for any open towns. If a player is allowing players to come into their town they must select the Wi-Fi option and select, "Open gates". The gates will then be opened and players may visit the town. It is recommended that the players be connected to suitable Wi-Fi points so that the visiting is smooth and that there aren't sudden errors.

Visiting unknown towns with friend codes you have exchanged openly and online can be dangerous - don't do it! Especially don't let unknown people into your town; there is a high chance of Seeds (hacking).