Service Town museum
Provides Donations, fossil exhibition, aquarium, bug exhibition, art gallery, The Roost (WW, CF), observatory (WW, CF), gift shop (NL), custom exhibits (NL)
Hours All day
Appearances AF, AF+, AC, AFe+, WW, CF
Regional names Flag of France small Musée
Flag of Spain Museo
Flag of South Korea 박물관

The museum is a stone building found in all the Animal Crossing series games, except for Animal Forest. It is an establishment for the collection and display of insects, fish, paintings, and fossils. The museum is curated by an owl named Blathers, who stands in the entrance foyer. Celeste works in the museum on the second floor, running the observatory in Wild World, and the museum shop in New Leaf. In the basement in Wild World and City Folk is the museum café, The Roost, run by a pigeon called Brewster who sells coffee.


The museum is an establishment for the collection and display of all of the collectables that the player has found, including fish, deep-sea creatures, bugs, fossils and paintings. These can be donated only once to the museum curator, Blathers, at which point they will be displayed immediately in the respective exhibit.

Celeste, Blathers' sister, resides in the Observatory, the second floor of the museum. In New Leaf, she runs the Museum Shop and Exhibition Rooms.

On the basement floor is The Roost, a small café run by Brewster. Occasionally, there will be special characters hanging out at The Roost's bar (like Kapp'n, Pelly, or Phyllis). K.K. Slider performs there once a week on Saturday night. In New Leaf, the Roost is not run in the basement and is a separate building which can be unlocked.

Upon donating every single available collectable, the player will be awarded a Museum Model. A player cannot donate anything if they are not in their own town. If guests are in the player's town, Blathers will not accept any donations.


Insect Room

The insect room in Animal Crossing

With the net the player can catch bugs in the wild. When the player catches a bug that hasn't been added to the museum yet, it can be donated. Insects are kept in a grassy room, usually nearby similar bugs. Blathers is afraid of bugs and will refuse to touch them, so bugs are handed to him in a container.

Wild World layout

The bug exhibits are split into two rooms. Butterflies are in the first room, and so are all the bugs that live on palm trees, under rocks, and in the ground. Pondskaters will also appear in this room. All grass-bound bugs and bugs that live on trees are in the second room. The cockroach, once donated, skitters on the floor of the first room, as well as the flea, who will hop around, and the mousquito, who will scuttle along.

City Folk layout

All bugs are in one big room which is split into three levels. The first level has all the butterflies, located near the entrance with insects that can be found near or in water. The second level, which is connected to the first by a small slope, is set up like a small wooded area. The rafflesia, a large flower that appears in a town when there are too many weeds, is next to the slope. The third level, which is also connected by a small slope to the second level, is open planned, with trees surrounding the wall at the top of the room with a few heat lamps.
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A player admiring the bugs.

Completing the insect collection

When a player completes the insect collection, Blathers remarks, "Hoo! Is it... even possible? Can the insect collection truly be complete?! I must say, I do not know whether to be elated or absolutely disgusted. Regardless, our thanks! I trust we can rely on your unfailing patronage! Our fate is in your hands!"


A fish in a tank in the City Folk museum


SaltwaterAquarium NewLeaf

Fish can be caught with the Fishing Rod. Fish that haven't already been donated can be given to the museum. They are kept in large tanks of water with other fish. There are lots of different fish to donate, from goldfish to sharks, and only one of each kind can be held in the tanks.

Wild World layout

In Wild World, the fish section divides into two rooms. All river, pond, river pool, and waterfall fish are kept in two tanks in the first room, while all ocean fish are kept in one large tank in the second room that is located to the north of the first.

City Folk layout

In City Folk, all fish are in one room. Most ocean fish, including the hammerhead shark, are found in a very large tank that spans across the entire northern part of the room. Small ocean fish, like the surgeonfish, are kept in a long, tube-shaped tank in the southeast corner of the room. Most small river fish, like the guppy, are in the southwest corner of the room in a similar tank. All other river, pond, river pool, and waterfall fish, like the carp and char, are kept in the middle of the room in two tanks.

Animal Crossing: New Leaf layout


The insect wing.

In New Leaf, there are fewer tanks because they are all much larger, and the sides of the tanks curve a little more. There is not much of a difference from the previous games, but the fish collection now provides chairs in the corner of the second room on the right. When looking at the plaque, it will now include a picture of the fish, along with some fun facts. There are three rooms that divide pond, ocean, and deep-sea fish apart. The deep-sea room will include a big tank, and three smaller tanks that are apart from each other. The ocean room includes one huge tank that curves along with the walls, and the pond room will have a dark green feeling to it. There are two long tanks and two circular tanks: one located in the upper right corner next to the entrance from the ocean room, and one in the bottom left corner next to the next entrance that leads the player back into the deep-sea exhibit.

There is a museum second floor Public Works Project. To unlock the second floor, the player must have donated at least 20 items to the museum (donating at least one item in each category) and have been in town for 14 days. Upon entering the museum, Blathers will be thinking and will ask the mayor for a second floor. Lloid will stand in the Train Station awaiting donations, similar to funding the Dream Suite and Fortune Shop.


Main article: Painting

Paintings can be bought from Tom Nook and Crazy Redd, obtained from villagers, or occasionally found if the player is lucky. However, paintings bought from Redd in Wild World, City Folk, and New Leaf have a chance of being fake, and will be rejected. If the player tries to sell them at Tom Nook's Store, Tom Nook will only pay 10 bells; in New Leaf, attempting to sell the forgeries at Re-Tail results in the player being charged 100 bells for disposal.

Wild World layout

The paintings are all in one room. There are many aisles of paintings. The pathway to the next row of paintings curves and twists.

Animal Crossing: City Folk layout

The paintings exhibit in City Folk is split up into two rooms; a main room and a back room. Most paintings are displayed in the main room. In the back room, there is a single row of paintings along the wall of the room. The rope divider in the middle of the room guards the Famous Painting once it is donated.

Fossil Exhibition

A section of the City Folk fossil collection

Fossil Gallery

Main article: Fossil

Fossils can be dug up from the ground at star-shaped spots. In Animal Crossing, they have to be sent by letter to the Faraway Museum for analysis, and they are returned shortly. In New Leaf, Wild World and City Folk, Blathers has the license to analyze fossils himself, making the process much faster. Fossils can be pieced together to form complete skeletons, and upon completion Blathers will give the player information on the dinosaur.

In City Folk, this section of the museum has two rooms and floors. There is also a staircase that leads to the upper level of the second room. One-piece fossils, like ammonites and coprolites, are kept upstairs in the second room. The Wild World museum also has two rooms but they are on the same floor. One-piece fossils can be found in both rooms.
Ashurii muesum

Four players at the fossil room.

Completing fossil collection

When all fossils have been donated to the Museum, Blathers will remark, "Hoo hootie HOOOOOOO! You magnificent thing, <player>! You've done it! The fossil collection... is complete! A splendid achievement! Well done, my dear owlet! Well done, indeed! I trust we can rely on your unfailing patronage! Our fate is in your hands!"

The Roost

Main article: The Roost

Brewster's café, the Roost, is in the Basement of the museum in Wild World and City Folk. It first appeared in Wild World and appeared again in City Folk. Brewster sells coffee for 200 Bells. On Valentine's Day, Brewster sells hot chocolate. If the player makes friends with Brewster by buying coffee for seven days in City Folk, he will store a gyroid of each kind for the player. On Saturday nights from 8pm to midnight, K. K. Slider will perform one song for the player, which they can then play in their home on a stereo. Resetti or Rover can be found in the Wild World café and villagers sometimes visit the café in City Folk. In New Leaf, The Roost is a separate building that is a Public Works Project. K.K. Slider no longer performs at the roost in New Leaf, and instead performs at Club LOL.

The Observatory

Main article: Observatory

In Wild World and City Folk, Celeste runs the observatory. Up here the player may create, change, or delete constellations, or just view them. Viewing times for created constellations can also be checked. In New Leaf, the Observatory is eventually replaced by a second floor, moving the clock behind Blathers to above the entrance. The museum will still include Celeste alongside with it. On the second floor, the player can purchase their own rooms and exhibits, increasing in price with each room that is purchased.


Blathers Thinking


  • If one of the players is deleted, all of their donations stay in the museum, which will result in never getting a Museum Model.

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