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In New Leaf, the second floor of the Museum features the Museum Shop and Exhibition Rooms. Celeste runs the shop and manages the exhibition rooms.

The Museum Shop serves as a store where players can buy exhibition furniture and Silver Tools, making it the only place to obtain the Silver Net, Silver Fishing Rod, and Silver Shovel in New Leaf. These can only be unlocked by donating 30 bugs, fish, or fossils to the museum. These items may not be available every day.

The second floor also features four Exhibition Rooms that may be rented indefinitely for 10,000 bells each. These can be given a custom name and banner. The interior of these rooms can be changed in the same way the player would in the house, only that they don't have access to the Secret Storeroom.

To unlock this area in the museum, the player must have talked to Blathers on at least 14 different days, donated at least 20 items to the museum, with at least one in each section (insects, fish, paintings, and fossils.) Once the criteria has been met, Blathers will be seen in a thinking pose. Talk to him to unlock the Museum Renovation public works project.