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Mushrooms are a series of items in the Animal Crossing series. They can be found near trees during Mushrooming Season. Only one type existed in the GCN games, increased to five types in City Folk. In City Folk and New Leaf, Mushroom Series furniture is disguised as mushrooms. They can be eaten in City Folk, New Leaf, and New Horizons.

Flat Mushroom Skinny Mushroom Round Mushroom Elegant Mushroom Rare Mushroom Mushroom Famous Mushroom
Flat Mushroom
200 Bells
Skinny Mushroom
300 Bells
Round Mushroom
200 Bells
Elegant Mushroom
10,000 Bells
Rare Mushroom
16,000 Bells
5,000 Bells
Famous Mushroom
13,000 Bells (in New Leaf)

In Animal Crossing

In Animal Forest, Animal Forest e+, and Animal Crossing, mushrooms are fairly rare. They are only found early in the morning from October 15 to 25 from 8am to 9am. In this game there are only 5 every day, and after every 15 minutes one disappears.

Player picking a Mushroom in Animal Forest.

In City Folk

Five types of mushrooms are found in City Folk, and all appear around the Mushrooming Season. The Rare Mushroom in City Folk is unique, as it is the only mushroom not found around trees. They are buried under trees, and have to be dug up. If the player gives Wendell any of the mushrooms, he will give them a pattern in return.

In New Leaf

Special stump patterns let mushrooms grow all year round in New Leaf. Mushrooms don't grow around Special Stump Patterns every day and will appear on random days. Leaving these patterns will give an opportunity to receive all mushroom types. Rare mushrooms can only be found in perfect towns and, like in City Folk, are buried underground.

A new type is included, the Famous Mushroom, which sells for 16,000 Bells. When eaten the well-known growing sound from the Mario series can be heard and the player's size increases. The player returns to regular size shortly afterwards.

During the mushrooming season, about 6 of them will spawn near any tree or tree stump. However, one of these is a piece of the Mush Series in disguise. This phenomenon ends after the Harvest Festival.

In New Horizons

New Horizons introduces mushrooms as crafting materials in the crafting system. 5 mushrooms can be obtained each day during mushroom season, and they can be found near cedar and hardwood trees and tree stumps. Rare mushrooms will be buried near the tree and will require a shovel to dig out; unlike New Leaf, they don't require a perfect town rating to spawn. All types of mushrooms can be eaten and give a stamina boost similar to Fruit.

Mushrooms are only available during November for northern hemisphere islands, and only during May for southern hemisphere islands. Mushroom series furniture recipes can be occasionally obtained by shooting down balloons during the season. As soon as the mushroom season starts, Isabelle will send a recipe to your NookPhone.

Body Image
Flat Mushroom Flat-mushroom.png
Round Mushroom Round-mushroom.png
Skinny Mushroom Skinny-mushroom.png
Elegant Mushroom Elegant-mushroom.png
Rare Mushroom Rare-mushroom.png


In New Leaf

In New Horizons


  • The mushrooms shown in New Horizons are based on real life edible fungi:
    • The Flat Mushroom based on the Shiitake mushroom.
    • The Skinny Mushroom based on the Shimeji Mushroom.
    • The Round Mushroom is based on the Puffball Mushroom in its immature form.
    • The Elegant mushroom is based on the Matsutake mushroom.
    • The Rare Mushroom is based on the Black Truffle.

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