The Music Box  first made its appearance in Wild World, and later on in City Folk. It is a square box which can be placed in the player's house and when interacted with will play the Title Theme for those games.

In New Leaf and Happy Home Designer, the music box is a shell decorated with gems on its top. The music box will play the K.K. Slider song it was created with.

Obtaining a Music Box

Wild World and City Folk

It can be obtained after taking Katie back to her mother Kaitlin after getting lost in a different town.

New Leaf

In New Leaf, if the player obtains a Giant Clam shell, along with a K.K. Slider Song, they can take it to Cyrus at Re-Tail, who will turn it into a Music Box for 3,000 Bells.

Happy Home Designer

The clam-shell music box is unlocked when the player first builds the Concert Hall.


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