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Nat (カメヤマさん, Kameyama-san?) is a chameleon featured in both City Folk and New Leaf. He can be found hosting the Bug-Off event in the player's town speaking with a slightly deepened cranky villager's voice. Interestingly enough, Nat and Flick are the only chameleons in the Animal Crossing series. He also appears to have an English accent from the way he speaks.

Unlike Chip, who hosts the Fishing Tourney, Nat resists the urge to eat the bugs the player enters into the Bug-Off tournament, despite chameleons relying heavily on a diet of bugs, contrary to Chip, who should have a plant-based diet. Chip will "rate" the player's fish as he eats it.

However, Nat's comments on the bugs clearly indicate that he plans to eat them later, although he tries his best to hide this. Likewise, once submitted, the bugs are gone for good.


He has small spectacles that sit on the end of his nose, similar to the stereotypical style of an explorer. He carries a unique purplish-blue net which cannot be obtained by the player in the game.


Nat pitches his green and white tent outside the Town Hall(CF) or Town Tree(NL) at 9am until 6pm. During this time, he waits for players and villagers to bring him different types of bugs and apparently rates them according to rarity, luster, color and size, and then gives them a mark using an unknown point system. In reality, the bugs are only rated by size, making the Oak Silk Moth the best bug to give to Nat as it is the biggest possible bug.

For each insect given to him that is rated highly, the player will receive an item of furniture. Any insects given to him will not be returned, whether they win or not. He picks the winner at 6pm, giving a total of 9 hours to find a rare and exciting insect. A ceremony may be held if the villager visits Nat after the tournament has finished and they have ranked in the tournament.

If the player catches the best insect they win a trophy, which is sent to them in the mail by Nat in the next few days, as well as a message on the Bulletin Board. The trophy is of a golden color and contributes to extra Feng Shui points when placed in the correct part in the player's house. In New Leaf, however, if the player ranks in the tournament, the trophy will be given to them at the ceremony.

amiibo Card[]

amiibo Card[1]
Amiibo card back
#115 Nat
Type Special
Star sign Leo
Birthday 7/25
Roll value 3
Hand sign Paper
Request I'll leave it up to you!
Amiibo 115 Nat
114 Blanca #115 Nat 116 Chip


  • Nat has a picture in his tent of himself next to a Birdwing Butterfly.
  • After catching a few insects, he says; "Hunt bugs in the fields! Hunt bugs in the hills! Hunt bugs in the streets! You must never surrender!". This is based on a famous speech by Sir Winston Churchill.
  • His name is the initials for Nigel Archibald Thornberry of The Wild Thornberrys cartoon. Nat also says "smashing", just as Nigel Thornberry does, and also wears the same clothes as Nigel.
  • Nat's name is a homophone for "gnat", the gnat being a type of insect.
  • No matter how many points your bug has, Nat always calls the bugs "delectable".
  • If the player does not have a net on the day of a Bug-Off Nat will offer them a net for 500 bells.
  • When speaking to Nat at the Campsite, he says that during off-season he spends time researching bugs that live in different towns. He says the player's own town has the most delightful bugs.
  • In New Horizons' Japanese version, C.J. mentions that Flick doesn't get along with his father because while they're both bug enthusiasts, Flick's father enjoys eating them. This lead to speculation that Flick was Nat's son, something that was later confirmed in the 2.0 update when talking to Nat at the Roost (if he's invited via amiibo).
  • In New Horizons' bug area of the museum, there is a picture of Nat on one of the information signs.
  • In the US version of New Leaf, Nat is not shown to slurp up bugs, even if it was his first interaction with the player. Instead, he always stores collected bugs in his pocket.
  • Though he lacks a role in the game proper, in New Horizons’ paid DLC Happy Home Paradise, once the school facility is built he will make a cameo on the archipelago to teach the students about bugs. Once the lesson finishes, the player unlocks the ability to use bugs they’ve caught on the villagers vacation home plots.
  • In New Horizons, Nat appears on the first day after the player has completed all expansions of the DLC and seen DJ K.K. for the first time. He then explains he is looking for a school to the importance of bugs. From there, the player can access their inventory and release any bug that they have caught.
  • He shares a birthday with Peck the jock bird. Both their birthdays are on July 25.

In other languages[]

Language Name Translation
Japan Japanese カメヤマさん Kameyama-san -
France French Djarod -
Spain Spanish Papilo -
Germany German Carleon -
Italy Italian Gustavo -
South Korea Korean 멜레옹 -


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