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a player talking to Tortimer on Naughty or Nice Day.

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Naughty or Nice Day is an event held on the first Friday or Saturday of December. It is first introduced in City Folk. It is mainly a quiet day, with most villagers in their homes. Unless the player visits the plaza in front of the town hall they will not be informed that it is Naughty or Nice Day. A day before a message will be posted on the Bulletin Board. Tortimer will stand outside the Town Hall and when the player approaches him he will inquire whether they have been naughty or nice. Regardless of what the player says, he will give them a stuffed stocking, which, like all other holiday related items, cannot be bought from the catalog.

Naughty or Nice Day is a very quiet holiday similar to Labor Day. It has no special characters or music, unlike Festivale or the Harvest Festival.

The event returns in the European version of New Leaf. The Event also returns in Pocket Camp on December 6, 2017 with villagers mentioning it when they first interact with the player.