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Nibble fish Gallery

"Yes! I caught a nibble fish! Come to think of it, I could use a bite!" —New Horizons

The nibble fish is a fish that was introduced in New Leaf. It can be found in the river during the summer and autumn.

Despite being quite small sized, in New Leaf it is not caught from tiny shadows like goldfish, instead it is found under "small" sized shadows which is shared with crucian carp and bluegill.

Donation to the museum

As with all fish caught in Animal Crossing series, the nibble fish can be donated to the museum by talking to Blathers.

In New Leaf

In New Leaf, an information board in the aquarium will list information about this fish.

"The official name given to this warm-water-dwelling species of fish is "Garra rufa." They are omnivorous, as they both eat algae and scrape the skin off other fish. All you'd have to do to feed them is stick your hand in the tank; they would live off your dead skin. That's why they're called nibble fish. They exfoliate but don't have any teeth, so it doesn't hurt at all!"

In New Horizons

Upon donation or selecting "Tell me about this!", Blathers the curator will say:

"Nibble fish are best known for their use in a treatment. This treatment has apparently been used for thousands of years. I have never...experienced said treatment... because they eat your dead skin with their little toothless mouths! Can you imagine anything so repellent?! Please don't ask me any follow-up questions. Hoo."

Capture Quotes

"I caught a nibble fish! Do you regret nibbling now?" —New Leaf
"Yes! I caught a nibble fish! Come to think of it, I could use a bite!" —New Horizons

Encyclopedia information

New Leaf

Encyclopedia Information
Nibble fish.png
"I caught a nibble fish! Do you regret nibbling now?"
Size 2 inches
Habitat River
Season May to September

New Horizons

Encyclopedia Information
Nibblefish NH.jpg
"Yes! I caught a nibble fish! Come to think of it, I could use a bite!"
Habitat River
Months active (north) May to September
Months active (south) Unknown

Further information

Nibble fish.jpg
Main article: Red garra on Wikipedia

The doctor fish, otherwise known for its scientific name, Garra rufa, is used for treating skin diseases in Turkey. It has other nicknames such as the nibble fish (used in-game) and kangal fish. Unfortunately, demand for this fish for aquariums and fish spas is having a negative effect on their populations.

In other languages

Nibble fish
Language Name
Japan Japanese ドクターフィッシュ Dokutāfisshu
France French Poisson docteur
Spain Spanish Pez doctor
Germany German Saugbarbe
Italy Italian Garra rufa
The Netherlands Dutch Knabbelvisje
Russia Russian Рыба-доктор Riba-doctor
China Chinese 温泉医生鱼/溫泉醫生魚 Wēnquányīshēngyú
South Korea Korean 닥터피시 Dakteopisi

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