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Nintendo DSi (ニンテンドーDSi, Nintendō DSi) or (ニンテンドーDSi Nintendō DSi) (iQue DSi in China) is a handheld system that wad first released in November 1, 2008 and the DSi XL November 21, 2009. It can also play DS games like Wild World. The DSi Animal Crossing apps on DSi are Animal Crossing Clock and Animal Crossing Calculator.


Around mid 2006, Nintendo was working on the DSi close to the Wii's development, when it was going to be officially released to the public. Masata, one of Nintendo's producers started making concepts for the DSi.

New Features[]

While the DSi's design is similar to that of the DS Lite, it features two digital cameras, supports internal and external content storage, and connects to an online store called the Nintendo DSi Shop. Nintendo stated that families often share DS and DS Lite consoles. Its new functionality was intended to facilitate personalization, so as to encourage each member of a household to purchase a DSi. The handheld supports exclusive physical media in addition to DS games with DSi-specific features and standard DS titles. The only exception to its backward compatibility are earlier DS games that required the GBA slot. The power button was moved to the bottom left of the console. Before the Nintendo DS had the power button on the on the side of the right side on the DS. Nintendo removed the Game Boy Advance (GBA) cartridge slot to improve portability without sacrificing durability.

Nintendo DSi XL[]

The Nintendo DSi XL (LL in Japan) is the longest, widest and heaviest Nintendo DS model. It is 93% larger then the DS Lite and about the same size as the Nintendo DS. The console features two 4.2-inch (110 mm) wide-viewing angle LCD screens with the same resolution as the smaller model. It has improved battery life over the DSi on all brightness settings; for example, batteries last 13–17 hours at the dimmest setting. The handheld is outfitted with identical speakers contained in larger speaker enclosures, enabling them to produce louder sound. The hinges stop the screen at 120° in addition to the original DSi's position of 155° to allow easier table-top viewing. The DSi XL is bundled with two longer stylis, one of which is thicker, rounded, and pen-like, and does not fit inside the unit. Dimensions (when closed) and mass: Length: 3.60 inches (91 mm) Width: 6.34 inches (161 mm) Height: 0.83 inches (21 mm)Weight: 0.692 pounds (314 g).

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