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Nintendo Land is a Wii U launch title and was bundled with the Deluxe Wii U in 2012. One of the games is Animal Crossing: Sweet Day, which is similar to the City Folk minigame, Hide-and-Seek.

Animal Crossing Sweet Day[]


Animal Crossing: Sweet Day (Eat and Run) is one of the 12 minigames (attractions) featured in Nintendo Land. It is one of the 3 competitive attractions along with Mario Chase and Luigi's Ghost Mansion.


Sweet Day multiplayer

In this mini-game, players will either play as the gatekeepers Booker and Copper or villagers. Booker and Copper are each controlled with the Wii U GamePad using the left and right sticks. They also use ZL and ZR to tackle the villagers. The villagers use Wii Remotes to play, and hold them horizontally. They use the D-Pad to move, 2 to eat candy and 1 to drop candy. Dropping candy is useful for putting the candies in bowls in 2 player mode, and for moving faster if Booker and Copper are close to the player. The more candy is in a villager's mouth, the larger the mouth is, the redder the head is, and the slower the villager will run. Like most Wii U games, the game can be paused with +. If there are only 2 players playing, the one animal has to put 15 candies in any of the bowls around the course. If there are 2, 3, or 4 animals, they have to gather the candy but not put them in the bowls. No matter how many players are playing, the player using the GamePad has to try to tag the animals a total of 3 times to win.