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The Nintendo eShop (ニンテンドーeショップ Nintendō e-Shoppu?) is an online shop exclusive to the Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo Wii U and Nintendo Switch consoles. The eShop allows users to download games and access downloadable content. Additionally, users may also download Virtual Console titles to their Wii U, or to their 3DS consoles, including Nintendo DSiWare titles. Downloadable games can only be obtained through the Nintendo eShop.

Also available are user ratings for games, and 3D videos exclusively to the 3DS.

New Leaf[]

Main article: Animal Crossing: New Leaf

The first game of the Animal Crossing series that can be downloaded straight to a device is New Leaf, on the 3DS. Previous games have only ever been available through physical disks or cartridges, making it also the first Animal Crossing ever to be available through a digital format.

To mark the release of New Leaf. a limited edition Nintendo 3DS XL comes with New Leaf pre-installed onto the console as well as a unique design to the console exterior. The console also came with a model of Isabelle and the Town Hall if pre-ordered.

New Horizons[]

New Horizons is the second game of the Animal Crossing series that can be downloaded straight to a device, on the Nintendo Switch. Like New Leaf, New Horizons is also available with physical disks or cartridges. Buying the game physically does not come with additional updates, and its game updates require connecting to the Nintendo eShop to obtain.

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