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The NookPhone is a smartphone in New Horizons. It is included in the initial Deserted Island Getaway Package from Tom Nook of Nook Inc. Tom Nook gives the player the Nook Phone on the day after the island orientation party, after discussing the fees the player has to pay. The NookPhone can be accessed by pressing the ZL button on the Switch controller, or SL when playing with a single JoyCon.


The initial apps on the phone include:

NH-Icon-Nook Phone-Camera
NH-Icon-Nook Phone-Nook Miles
Nook Miles
NH-Icon-Nook Phone-Map
NH-Icon-Nook Phone-Rescue Service
Rescue Service
NH-Icon-Nook Phone-Passport
NH-Icon-Nook Phone-DIY Recipes
DIY Recipes
NH-Icon-Nook Phone-Call Resident
Call Resident
NH-Icon-Nook Phone-Critterpedia
NH-Icon-Nook Phone-Custom Designs
Custom Designs
NH-Icon-Nook Phone-Island Designer
Island Designer
NH-Icon-Nook Phone-Nook shopping
Nook Shopping
NH-Icon-Nook Phone-Best Friend list
Best Friends List
NH-Icon-Nook Phone-Chat log
Chat Log
  • Camera, allowing a variety of filters and frames for taking pictures.
  • Nook Miles, the primary interface for earning Miles.
  • Map, allowing the player to see their island in full.
  • Rescue Services, letting the player pay a small fee in Nook Miles to be warped to the Community Center.
  • Passport, a customizable profile of sorts.

Other apps players can obtain during their stay on the island include:

  • DIY Recipes, allowing the player to view their learned recipes and ingredients needed.
  • Call Islander, which grants the option to host another Deserted Island resident via local co-op.
  • Critterpedia, which displays every Fish, Bug and Deep-sea creatures the player has caught so far.
  • Custom Designs, which allows the player to create or edit custom designs.
  • Island Designer, which allows the player to place paths and alter the island's waterscape and cliffs.
  • Nook Shopping which is identical to the feature accessed at the Nook Stop. This is unlocked by purchasing 100 items through the Nook Stop's Nook Shopping feature.
  • Best Friends List, which displays a player's Best Friends and allows them to send messages.
  • Chat Log, letting the player view past messages as well as messages from Best Friends.

NH-Icon-Customizable phone case kitCustomization

NH-Screenshot-customizable phone case kit

A player customizing their phone case

The NookPhone is able to be customized using a customizable phone case kit bought from the Nook Miles Redemption service within the Nook Stop for 1,800 Nook Miles. It is purchasable after the player learns how to customize from Tom Nook and allows the phone case to be customized either with a pre-made design or a player's Custom Designs.



  • The NookPhone may be the successor to the user interface of Pocket Camp, which also is like a smartphone.
  • The player will occasionally see villagers using their own NookPhones.
  • Villagers seemingly have their own unique NookPhone designs.
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