Nook 'n' Go
Opening hours 7:00am-11:00pmAC
Stock 15 items
16 AFe+ items
Upgrade cost 65,000 Bells
Upgrade time 15
Appearances AF, AF+, AC, AFe+, WW, CF
Regional names Flag of Spain Supernook

Nook 'n' Go (Japanese: コンビニーたぬきち Tanukichi Convenience Store) is the second of Tom Nook's shops in the Animal Crossing series. The design is based on a typical convenience store that has a sign pole. This shop is also the one that is open the most hours.

In Animal Crossing it is open from 7:00 am - 11:00 pm and in City Folk from 7:00 am to 1:00 am. In Wild World, the store opens and closes at the same time as the other stores.

RUU 0055

"Welcome! Yes, welcome to the exciting grand opening of Nook 'n' Go!"


For Tom Nook to expand to this shop, the player will need to buy/sell 25,000 Bells worth of stock at Nook's Cranny and have played the game for at least 8 days. 

To upgrade to Nookway in City Folk, the player must buy/sell a total of 80,000 bells and the store must be Nook 'n' Go for at least fifteen days. To upgrade to Nookway in the later games, the player must only buy/sell 65,000 bells worth of stock at Nook 'n' Go.



Animal Forest & Animal Forest+ Animal Crossing & Animal Forest e+ Wild World 'City Folk'


In Animal Crossing, Nook 'N' Go has a green floor with orange, blue, and white walls, but in Wild World and City Folk/ Let's Go to the City, the floor is blue with orange, blue and white walls.


  • Nook 'n' Go resembles a typical gas station convenience store, as well as having opening and closing hours that would be expected from a convenience store.