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Nook Shopping is an app for the NookPhone in New Horizons that the player can use to be able to shop anywhere in the game. The app is only unlocked after the player has purchased 100 items through the Nook Shopping service at the Nook Stop in Resident Services. The Nook Shopping app works the same as at the Nook Stop and provides full access to the player's catalog, but can be accessed anywhere, including while visiting other deserted islands and mystery tour islands.


See Nook Shopping.


  • While the player can use Nook Shopping to order items anywhere on their island or on mystery tour islands, orders can't be placed while visiting the island of another player.
  • Items ordered through Nook Shopping still count toward the 5 items-per-day ordering limit.
  • The player's progress to reaching the 100 orders requirement can be tracked by checking the "Shop to It!" Nook Miles goal.